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Twenty (20)

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number 20

The number 20 is a black number that site between red 1 and 14 on a European wheel and red 7 and the number 32 on an American roulette layout.

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What´s So Special About 20?

Is there anything particularly special about this number? A group of 20 is often called a score. Is 20 likely to score you a win on the roulette table?

[20 calcium rich foods- click on the image for a larger pic].

20 is the atomic number of Calcium and is the third magic number. What´s a magic number? Well, it´s term used by nuclear physicists which are about as close as you can get to rocket scientists. A magic number is a number of nucleons (which can be either protons or neutrons) that can be arranged into complete shells within the atomic nucleus. What that basically means is increased strength. Isotopes that have magic numbers are very stable (you learn something new every day!) Other magic numbers include 2, 8, and 28.

What else could we dig up about the number twenty? 20/20 is a term used for people with perfect sight, and it´s when you come of age in Japan and Korea (if you don´t belive us, check out the video clip below). 20 is twice 10, which is often seen as a perfect number (the perfect 10), so some believe that 20 is double perfection.

For the Mayans, 20 was a simple of the Sun god. There are 20 Mayan sun signs in total, (also called the 20 Glyphs), including Imix, Ik and Akbal. Also, One month in the Mayan religious calendar contains 20 days.

And if you have been married 20 years, you need to go and buy your other half some china!

For those of you who are interested in number symbolism, 20 is meant to contain all the energies of the planets and the cosmos. Just like 10, it is seen as a very complete number.

Magic Square of 20

Here´s how to construct a Magic Square of 20:

8 6 4 2
4 2 8 6
2 4 6 8
6 8 2 4

All the numbers horizontally and vertically add up to 20

The German mystic Jacob Boehme thought 20 “belonged to the Devil”, but other´s think of it as a heavenly number.

How to Bet on the Number 20

You can just make a single number bet on the number 20 of course (it sits pretty much in the middle of the betting layout- the other central number is 17 which has proven lucky for some – check out Mike Ashley´s number 17 bet.
But you won´t get much table coverage this way.

You can also cover it with a bet on black, evens or high numbers for a 1:1 payout (plus your original bet back). Or try the middle column or the middle dozen for a 2:1 pay off. Finale 0 en plein will cover 0 – 10 – 20 – 30- all as single number bets, or go for a Finales a Cheval 0/1 which will cover 0/1, 10/11, 20/21, 30, 31 with a combination of split bets and single number bets.

One of our favourite ways of covering black 20 is with the Orphans bet. This bet covers everything that isn´t covered by the Neighbours of Zero and the Tiers du Cylindre (these are all Call Bets that you will find on premium roulette variants).

The Black Splits bet also covers 20.

Famous People Born on the 20th


There’s bound to be a few famous people born on the 20th, right? Buzz Aldrin was born on January 20th, as was David Lynch.

In February you have Kurt Cobain and Rihanna, and Spike Lee was born one month later in March.

Yep- a lot of famous people were born on the 20th!

Korean Movie :Twenty, 2015 (스물)

Have you seen Twenty – the South Korean coming of age movie? No?! OK, we admit it didn´t go that global- watch the trailer below. It´s interesting to note that in the West, you come of age at 21. In Japan and Korea it´s 20.

What else can we say about 20?

Well, other than the fact that it comes between 19 and 21, we´d just like to point out that the odds of you landing the number 20 on a roulette wheel are the same as any other number on the wheel, and that includes the zero. But then you knew that already, didn´t you? Try playing it at bet365 roulette.

Here´s another thing we know. If your lucky number is 20, you won´t take a blind bit of notice of what we´ve just written, will you?

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