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Twenty-Two (22)

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Play Black 22 on the Roulette Wheel.
What makes this number so special?

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number 22

In roulette, 22 Black is a pretty popular number. Why is that?

The number 22 on first reflection seems a pretty ordinary sort of number. Unless it happens to be your birthday, you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance would you?

It’s a black number and sits in between red 9 and red 18 on a European roulette game and number 5 and number 34 on an American wheel.

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You can divide 22 by 1, 2 and 11 which makes it a semi prime (which is a number you get from multiplying two prime numbers). It’s divisors also connect it to 14 which its Aliquot Sum. This is the number you get by adding all of its divisors up (so 11 + 2 + 1).

If anything else, we learnt some maths today!

22 does have a pretty cool property. If you divide 22 by 7, you get a pretty good approximation of π which enables you to work out the circumference of a circle from its radius (2πr or approximately 44r/7.

You could also say 22 is a strong number as it is the atomic number of titanium.

Betting on the Number 22 in Roulette

Easy- you just make a single number bet on the number right? Yes- that is an option, but you aren’t going to get much table coverage with a straight up bet.

Let’s look at some other ways you could cover 22. You could make a Finale 2 en Plein bet on a more advanced roulette variant like Premier roulette. This covers all numbers ending in 2, so, 2, 12, 22 and 32. Or you could go for a Finales a Cheval 1/2 which covers 1, 2, 11, 12, 21, 22 . 31 and 32 in combination of single number and split bets (21 is covered with a single number bet). Try these out on the roulette games at Luxury Casino.

When you play roulette and focus on a particular number, these Finales bets are handy ways of covering a bit more table.

You could also make a Complete Bet on 22 which will literally “bomb” the number with single number, split, corner and six line bets. If your number comes in, you get a nice pay out on this bet, plus you have quite a bit of coverage on surrounding numbers.

Or just cover it with an Outside Bet on the black, even, or high numbers (even money pay out), or the middle dozen or the bottom column.

Other bets you can make are the 007 bet (this is more of a novelty bet) or a Voisins du Zero call bet (22 just sneaks in as a neighbour of zero- it’s the last number on the left of the green pocket).

Catch 22

This is one of our favourite English expressions, and worth a mention on any page that that is covering the number twenty-two.

Catch 22 basically describing those situations in which you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t (the double bind) and comes from the satirical novel written by the American author Joseph Hellerand first published in 1961.

What Else Can We Say About 22?

There are 22 players on the pitch at any one time in an American football match, and a football match, or should we say soccer). And in an Aussie Rules side, each team is allowed a team of 22 of which 18 are allowed on the field and are substitutes.

The 22 is also the first line you get to after the try line on a rugby pitch. You’ll often see the game restarted from there with a drop kick (taking a 22).

If you are at all interested in numerology, 22 looks pretty good. It’s a “Master Number” – 22 is believed by some to achieve the impossible (other Master Numbers include 11 and 33). Allegedly, 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is one of the most successful of all numbers. Sometimes this number is called the Master Builder. Sounds good! But that could all be mumbo jumbo, of course.

Many people link the number to 11, of course, and it’s also just 2 repeated, if that happens to be a favourite number of yours,

Famous People Born on the 22nd

john hurt

John Hurt, the actor, was born on the 22nd January. George Washington and James Blunt were born a month later on the 22nd of Feb and Prince George was born on the 22 July.

And do you know who was born on the 22 October? Arsene Wenger. Oh and Jesse Tyler Fergusson – the guy off Modern Family.

22- Taylor Swift

“22” is a song released by Taylor Swift off her 4th album, Red (2012). The song hit 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What else is there to say about 22?

We just like to add, that the odds of the ball landing in the 22 pocket are exactly the same as the odds of the ball landing in 21, 14, 17 or any other pocket for that matter

. I know- we are stating the obvious. Just saying!

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