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Eighteen (18)

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The number eighteen is a red number that slots in between black 22 and the number 29 on a European wheel and black 31 and black 6 on an American wheel. Is there anything special about this number in roulette or generally?

Well, a European Roulette wheel has 36 numbers plus a zero pocket, so 18 represents the halfway mark on a roulette table. It´s the last number in the low numbers (that even money bet like red/black that includes numbers 1-18).

Like the number 8, 18 is considered very lucky in China as 18 (十八) is pronounced “shí bā” in Mandarin which sounds a bit like “shì fā” (實發) which means ‘definitely get rich’, ‘become rich for sure’. So don´t be surprised is you see a few chips parked on this number when you go to a casino in Macau. Having said that, In Chinese myths, Hell has 18 levels.

When you look at its divisors- 1,2,3,6 and 9, you start to notice numbers that you see again and again on the roulette table- the six line bet, the street bet, the Law of the Thirds and so on.

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What´s So Special About 18?


Argon has an atomic number of 18, and it is the number that represents the “coming of age” in many countries.

In most countries around the world, where you can vote, 18 is the minimum voting age and in many US Stares 18 is the age of sexual consent.

Famous people who were born on the 18th of the month include John Travolta, Nelson Mandela, Dr Dre, Brad Pitt, Ronaldo and Paul McCartney.

How to Bet on the Number 18 When Playing Roulette

Just go ahead and place a bet on number sixteen of course! But then this isn´t going to buy you much table coverage.

If you want to improve your odds from 1:37 (1:38 if you are crazy enough to be playing on an American roulette wheel), then you can also cover 18 on the red, even or low even money bets, or the top column or middle dozen bet if you are playing the 2:1 paying outside bets. Try these out in our free roulette games section.

You can also cover it with a split bet, a corner bet, a street bet and a 6 line bet.

What else? The 007 bet covers it (although we see this as more of a novelty bet). Red Splits is quite a nice one for red 18- it´s a split bet between 18 and 21. You will cover 8 numbers in total with 4 split bets (9 and 12, 16 and 19, 18 and 21, 27 and 30) giving you 21.6% table coverage. A split bet pays 17:1.

We also like to play Finale 8 en Plein- this covers all the luck 8´s (superstitious aren´t we?) with straight up bets on 8, 18, and 28. A Finales a Cheval bet on 7,8 also covers 7, 17 and 27 with split bets so you cover the Western lucky number and the Eastern one!

Finally, we are always partial to a Voisins du Zero bet on a roulette wheel, as an alternative to the even money bets. It only covers 17 numbers as opposed to 18, but it makes for a nice variation and you can always top it up with an extra number (we often go for 9 or 17 or even both, which extends the neighbours by one or two numbers). Anyway, you´ll have 18 covered if you make a Neighbours of Zero bet.

More Facts About the Number Eighteen

In a pack of tarot cards, the 18 card shows a moon dripping tears, and in fact the number 18 is frequently linked with the moon, making 18 a mysterious and intuitive number, a very feminine number in some circles.
If you have been married 18 years, you´ll need to look out for tin presents for your anniversary.

The first English settlers arrived in Australia’s Botany Bay on January 18th 1788 to set up a penal colony.

In Spain, on the 18th October 1469, Ferdinand of Aragon married Isabella of Castile. The union brought all of the peoples of Spain together under one leader. The Catalans are still not happy about it! And on February 18 1564, the great artist Michelanglelo died in Rome.

Alice Cooper: “Eighteen”

Alice Cooper with his first hit: “Eighteen”!

What else can we find about 18? Well, it could be a good number for Australian roulette players given that Aussie Rules teams have 18 players in them. And if you are a golfer, you´ll be well acquainted with the number given that there are 18 holes on a golf course, but then you´ll probably prefer the 19th hole.

It´s also a revered number in Jewish circles- the prayer known as the Amidah is also referred to as “the 18” as there are 18 blessings in it.

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