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Twenty-Seven (27)

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As we get to the larger numbers on the roulette wheel, it seems that fewer people see them as favourite numbers. There are some exceptions, like roulette 17 – but that’s probably because there’s been some famous roulette wins on that number, such as the Mike Ashley roulette win. But the number 27? Is there anything special about this number?

Well, many people like the number 7- it’s seen as a lucky number, in the West at least, and 27 contains a 7. People who like covering the sevens with, say, a Finales Cheval Plein bet will end up covering 7, 17 and 27 with one easy bet (you’d cover 37 too if there was a number 37 in roulette).

The no. 27 is a red number in roulette (and odd of course).

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How To Make a Roulette 27 Bet

On a European roulette wheel, the red 27 sits between black 6 and black 13 at approximately the 4 o’clock position with the 0 pocket up at the top. On an American roulette wheel, it’s in between the 00 and black 10.

To cover 27 you could just bet on the single number- but that’s not going to give you much table coverage. We have already mention the Finales bets on 7 (covering all numbers that end in 7). For more table coverage, go for a red, odd or hi bet for a 1:1 pay-off if the bet comes in, plus you get your original bet back.

You can also cover it on the 3rd dozen or the highest column for a 2:1 pay-off. If you really want to hedge your bets, cover 2 columns or dozens. Bear in mind that this is expensive if the bal lands in the other column or dozen though, as you will have lost 2 bets.

What else? You could also try other Inside bets like a split bet (2 number), a Street Bet (3 numbers), a corner bet (4 numbers) or a 6 line bet.

We like to cover this number with the Red Splits bet, which you will find on some of the more premium variants. Another option on the Call Bets is the Tiers du Cylindre.

About the Number 27

27 is an interesting number, when you start going in to it. In fact, it’s one of our favourite larger number. It’s a perfect cube (3x3x3) like the number 8 (2x2x2). There are only 3 cubes on the roulette wheel if you count 1. Sometimes this leads to 27 being known as the trinity of trinities.

And if you count all of the straight lines on a cube you’ll see that it has 27. I know it sounds geeky, but we just happen to like numbers that crop up in nature like that.

It’s also 3 times the sum of its digits (9×3). As you can see, it has many connections to the number 3 which just happens to be one of our lucky numbers- that’s why we like 27 I guess.

Another neat trick for you . If you add up all of the numbers between 2 and 7 you get to 27!
So 2+3+4+5+6+7. Nifty, eh? You can’t say about all the numbers you bump into on the street.

What else? Well, the number 27 is the atomic number of cobalt, and it’s thought that 27% of the Universe is made up of dark matter- so you could say that 27 has a darker side.

amy winehouse 27 club

I guess the most famous example of that is the 27 Club– the tragic group of musicians (including Brian Jones and Amy Winehouse) who died when they were only 27 years old.

Also if you add 666 to 666 to 666 (3 time 666) you get to 1998. Then you add 1+9+9+8 and you get to 27. Some say that 27 is the reduced number of 666 which is the sum of all of the numbers on a roulette wheel. Just saying!

It takes 27 days for the moon to go round the earth and the Sun spins on its axis once every 27 days. There are also 27 signs of the zodiac in Indian astrology- so you could say the number has a big celestial link as well. If you want to become wealthy, or at least improve your chances according to the theories of Feng Shui, then you should keep 27 coins in your house. That one we like!

And 27 is the highest number of Plato’s Platonic Lambda series (the 2 sloped lines of Plato’s Lambda consist of six integers 2, 4 (2 squared), 8 (2 cubed), 3, 9 (3 squared) & 27 (3 cubed) below the integer 1 at the top.

Here’s our last amazing 27 fact- there are twenty-seven bones in the human hand- there is the number cropping up in nature again.


According to the numerologists, people born on the 27th are compassionate, intelligent and kind. It is closely linked to the number 9 in this field. Does that correspond to famous people born on the 27th?

mozart 27

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th January 1756. He was pretty intelligent I guess! Jimi Hendrix was born on the 27th of November 1942 (also a member of the 27 Club tragically. And there was also Quentin Tarantino who was born on March 27th.

I’m getting intelligence from these examples but compassionate and kind? Not in Tarantino’s movies at any rate.


Like many of these numbers we look at, when we first start off, we can’t think of that much that is interesting about them. But then when we delve in a bit more, we end up uncovering loads of interesting stuff. So that’s the number 27. Just remember, you are just as likely to see the ball drop into this pocket as in any other number on the wheel. The odds are the same!

That’s not going to stop you leaning towards your lucky numbers though is it?