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Thirty-Five (35)

Online Roulette Guide

number 35

The number 35- the penultimate number on the roulette wheel! Is this one that you find yourself betting on every now and then?

It’s the sum of the first five triangular numbers (1,2,6,10 and 15). If you imagine a bunch of snooker or billiard balls, a triangular number is one that makes up a triangle that that number of balls. Similarly, it’s a centred cube number (along with 1 and 9) which is similar, but imagine making a cube with billiard balls in 3 dimensions.

35 is also the minimum age for candidates to the US or Irish Presidency. I bet you didn’t know that! (Well, presidents tend to be quite a bit older than that).

How Do I Bet on 35?

34 roulette

35 is a black number that sits between 12 and 3 on a European roulette wheel and 14 and 23 on an American Wheel.

You can cover it with a single bet, of course, although that is not going to give you much table coverage. We’d recommend playing on a Multiple-Wheel Roulette game if you just want to bet on one number, or cover the bet as part of a wider strategy such as a:

Split Bet- covering 2 numbers eg 35/36 or 32/36
Street Bet on 3 numbers – 34/35/36
Corner bet (4 numbers), eg 31,32,34,35
6 line bet – 31,32,33,34,35,36

You could also widen the net even further with a bet on the final dozen (25-36) or the middle column.
An evens bet on the black, odd or high numbers will also cover the number 35 on a roulette wheel.

Other options include a Finales bet covering all numbers ending in 5 (either as a group of single bets which is the “en plein” version, or together with another number in a group of split bets, such as Finales a Cheval 2,5 which can be made with just 4 split bets and which covers 2,5,12,15,22,25,32,35- a 21.6% table coverage. If one of the number hits you’ll be paid out at 17/8 of your total bet.

The number 35 sits in the Neighbours of Zero Zone (Voisins du Zero to give it its French name). This is a popular way of covering the number on French Roulette tables. Most decent European games like Premier Roulette Diamond should give you the option of placing Call Bets- you may need to switch the game to Advanced Mode.

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Anything else interesting about 35?

Train 35

The Monopoly board game went on sale for 1st time on Feb 6 1935, and driving tests were introduced in the UK for the very first time.
Persia was officially renamed Iran on Mar 21 1935 and King George V & Queen Mary celebrated their silver jubilee.

The 35-hour working week was adopted in France, in 2000, under Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. Some say it has accelerated the decline of the country.

If you’re on the Number 35 bus in London, you’ll be travelling from Clapham Junction to Shoreditch via Liverpool Street Station. If you’ve ever been travelling in Thailand, you might know that there’s a train service called The International Express Train 35 which is a daily overnight service from Bangkok in Thailand to Butterworth, Penang in Malaysia, operated by the State Railway of Thailand. Or rather there used to be, as the famous #35 train was replaced by train number 31 in December 2016. It now stops at Hat Yai Junction Station.

And do you know what the best age to be is? Sweet 16 or 21? Or maybe retired at 65? Nope – it’s 35, according to research by insurance company Aviva.

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That’s all we have to say about the number 35 except for this. The odds of you landing 35 are the same as they are for any other number on the wheel whether it’s your lucky number or not!