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Two (2)

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number 2

The Number Two is pretty special isn´t it? After all, if there was just one, it would be pretty lonely, right? We look at what makes this number so special.

OK, one, two…er, let´s go…

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Some Facts About the Number 2.

If you have an integer (a whole number), and you can split it into 2 and make another integer, then you started off with an even number. These kinds of statements sound very ordinary when you talk about the number 2, as it has so many properties. But if you stop to compare it with any other number, you start to realise that the number 2 is pretty special as it has so many little quirky things about it like this.

It´s the only even prime number. After 2, all the prime numbers are odd. You could call it the Black Sheep of the Prime Number family.

It is also 3rd up in a Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2) which is a run of numbers where each number is the sum of the preceding 2. We mention this as there is a famous strategy in roulette called the Fibonacci System (funnily enough!).

root 2

The square root of 2 was the first irrational number to be discovered. What´s an irrational number? Well, it´s a number (like π) that cannot be written down as a decimal number exactly. The number would be infinitely long. Someone has worked out what Pi looks like to 12 trillion digits by the way, in case you were wondering)!

And here are the first 10 million digits of the square root of 2 (slightly more than 10 million actually). These digits were worked out by Robert Nemiroff and checked by Jerry Bonnell – both of whom are Rocket Scientists from Nasa. (Don´t you wish you had that job for dinner parties, so that when someone asked you “What do you do?”, you could reply “Well, I am a rocket scientist”.

2 is also the first Magic Number, a term widely used in Nuclear Physics. A magic number is a number of protons or neutrons arranged into complete shells within an atomic nucleus. Famous magic numbers include 2, 8, 20 and 28. And no, before you ask, 3 is not the magic number in Nuclear Physics. It is according to De La Soul though.

helium 2

What else? Well, 2 is the atomic number of helium. You see many twos in the universe in the shape of binary stars. And it´s an important number in nature of course, with sexual dimorphism all around us (males and females with different characteristics- like ducks and humans for example).

It´s a very mystical number with most of the world´s religions. Noah took 2 of each animal on his ark, for example. and dualism is ingrained in most cultures around the world- so the idea of good & evil, yin and yang and so on is prevalent in many part of the world. You can find countless examples in most countries and languages.

Is 2 Seen As A Lucky Number?

double happiness 2

It certainly is in China, where it is written “二”. “Good things come in pairs”, according to Chinese culture. Two symbols means extra, and many companies like to double up their brand names, so you have double happiness, for example (囍). The number two in Cantonese (spoken in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province) sounds similar to the word for “easy”, so it is a popular number. In Taoism, the mystical number 2 symbolizes the twin, the 1st division, and the duality of opposites (yin/yang).

In the UK, seeing 2 magpies is lucky (one for sorrow, two for joy). It´s also meant to be a good number if you are a Taurus- as this is the second sign of the zodiac. Two is seen as a very feminine number in many cultures (opposite to the masculine 1- there´s that yin and yang thing again). In China, 2 is a yin number that represents the fire element and the south.

So How Do You Bet on 2 in Roulette

Well, other than just betting on the single number (straight-up bet) which, let´s face it, isn´t going to get you a great deal of table coverage, you can cover it with a number of inside and outside bets, and a few of the more exotic ones too.

Two is a black pocket that sits just to the left of the single zero and to the right of red 14 in American Roulette. On a European wheel, it sits between red 21 and red 25, in the sector to the right of the zero.

So you can cover it with a black, an even or a low even money bet.

You can also cover it with a split bet, a street bet a corner bet and a six line bet. In American Roulette, you could also play a 5 Number Bet. We wouldn´t though- the odds are shocking.

Then the 007 bet will cover 2, as will a Voisins du Zero bet, or you could just go ahead and make a Finale 2 en plein combination bet. Many of the roulette games we have here have all of these covered.

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Other Stuff about a Number Two

If you like your Austin Powers films, you´ll know that Number Two was played by Robert Wagner in all of the movies (Rob Lowe plays a Young Number Two in The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Which bring us on to our next point- Number Two is slang for…..oh, we don´t need to clarify that one do we? Moving on….

And Finally…

The number 2 features strongly in roulette. Many of the bets cover half the table (almost, if we conveniently forget about the zero). We are talking red/black, even, odd etc. The columns and dozens pay out 2:1, and the most famous roulette strategy which is the Martingale System, is a system in which you double your bet after a loss.

But is 2 a lucky number in roulette? It´s no luckier than any other number unless you happen to be playing on a table that has a number 2 pocket that is significantly bigger than the other pockets! But then what did fact ever have to do with it? We´d bet it´s a lucky number for someone out there.