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Thirty (30)

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number 30

The number 30 is a red number that sits between the numbers 8 and 11 on a European table and 11 and 26 on an American table (all black numbers of course, as the numbers on a roulette wheel are always positioned next to the opposite colour).

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What´s 30 All About?

If you add the first four squares up (1+4+9+16) you get to 30.

It´s also known as a semi-perfect number, because you can get to it by adding up some of its divisors (in this case 5+10+15). An example of a perfect number would be the number 6, as you can get to it by adding up all of its divisors (1+2+3). The number 30 is also known as a Harshad number, because it is divisible by the sum of its digits (in this case 3).

Moving on to the Periodic Table in chemistry, 30 is the atomic number of zinc, and the months of April, June, September and November all have thirty days in them.


If you are coming up to your thirtieth wedding anniversary, you´ll be wanting to buy some pearls, and 30 is also the international dialling code of Greece. If you are playing tennis, you´ll be at 30 love if you are serving and win 2 points in succession after the start of a game.

What else can we drag up about the number 30? Have you ever listed to Bach´s masterpiece- the Goldberg Variations? There are thirty of them. And talking of music, there are 30 major and minor keys in Western tonal music.

If you are driving around the UK, you´ll see 30 all the time- it´s the speed limit through most towns.

It´s known to some as the Naughty Roman number as you write 30 as XXX in Roman numerals, and there were originally 30 stones in the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge. The Sarsen Circle is roughly 108 feet (33 metres) in diameter, and was designed with 30 upright sandstone blocks – only 17 are now standing.

Did you also know that cats have 30 teeth? And there are 30 tracks on the Beatles famous White Album including Dear Prudence and Happiness is a Warm Gun.

cat teeth 30

How to Bet on the Number 30

You can always just make a straight up bet on the number, if you are targeting an individual number- but that isn´t going to get you much table coverage. There is a low probability of you winning that kind of bet.

So most people will widen their options, and cover it in different ways.

You could cover it with an even money bet on the red, even or high numbers for a 1:1 payout (you´ll also get your initial bet back). Or go for a column or dozen bet on the top column or the last dozen for a 2:1 payout.

Inside bets like a split bet, corner bet, street bet, or 6-line bet can also be used. Build up more table coverage with a combination of these bets. You can overlap them if you want to put more weighting on the individual number (ie 30), or you can place bets that don´t overlap to hedge your bets across a bigger area of the wheel.

An interesting bet to go for if you really want to max out on 30 is a Complete Bet. This is a bet that covers all of the Inside Bets for 30. It´s massively weighted on the number- and if it comes in you are quids in, but you still have some insurance on neighbouring numbers on the betting table. Mike Ashley, of Newcastle United fame, famously made a Complete Bet on 17 in London in 2008, and won £1.3 million.

Other ways you could cover the number 30 include the Red Splits bet (this one is a favourite of ours), the Finale 0 en Plein, the Finales a Cheval 0/1, the roulette Snake Bet and the Ophelins.

Who Was Born on the 30th? Anyone Famous?


Well, there´s the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger- he was born July 30th.

And Cameron Diaz was born on August 30th. Diego Maradona and Ivana Trump were both born on the 30th as was Mike Tyson and Michael Phelps.

And let´s not forget Buddy Guy, the blues artist.

Thirty Days of Night

Have you seen Thirty Days of Night? Pretty scary! .A town in Alaska is plunged into darkness for a month, and is attacked by a gang of vampires. Not for the squeamish!

What else can we say about 30?

That just about wraps it up on the number 30 in our Numbers Facts series. The only thing left to say is that the odds of the ball landing on this number are the same as any other number on the wheel- and that includes the zero!

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