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Eleven (11)

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Spinal Tap’s Amp’s Go To Eleven

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Eleven is the number that the volume dials go up to on the amps that Rock ‘n Roll legends Spinal Tap use.
They are one louder than speakers that have dials that go up to 10. They go to 11 for when you need that “extra push off the cliff”.

It’s got to be a good number right?

The number 11 has the curious property of being the first number (in the English language anyway) to have 3 syllables. Which is kind of strange, in a way, as the numbers 1-10 all have one syllable. We jump right over the 2 syllables.

It´s the 5th prime number after 2,3,5 and 7 and the smallest 2 digit number (we don´t count 10, as 10 has a zero not a digit).

An interesting maths trick you can play with 11 is the following:
If you can divide a number by 11, then that number written backwards will also divide by 11. This is pretty obvious for the smaller numbers that are divisible by 11 like 33, 66, 77 and so on, as they are just the same numbers when written backwards or forwards. But it also works for bigger numbers, so 209 for example divides into 11 19 times. Now write this backwards: 902.. That´s divisible by 11 82 times!

Easy Ways to Multiply by 11

Amaze your friends with these tricks!
Multiplying single digit number by 11 is easy, of course. So 3×11 is 33, and 7×11 is 77.

But did you know that there´s a trick for 2 digit numbers?
Let´s say you want to multiply 69 by 11. Just take 69 and add the digits (you get 15). Stick this result in the middle- you get 6159. Now just add the first 2 digits- you get the answer, which is 759.

Here´s another example. try 83 times 11. The 1st step is 8113. So the answer if 913.

How to make a Bet on Number 11.

What’s the best way to cover the number in roulette?
11 is a black number that sits between the red number 30 and red 36 when you play European Roulette and between red 30 and red 7 when you play American Roulette. Try all these bets at bet365 casino.

You can just make an individual bet on the number. of course, but this won´t get you much table coverage (unless you are playing the Makarov System in which you make lots of small individual straight up bets across multiple spins).

You can also cover it with a black, odd or low even money bet. Or go for the 2:1 pay-out bets with a First 12 bet, or a middle column bet. Or cover it with the various inside bets like the corner bets, street bets, six-line bets and so on.

The number 11 is covered by a 007 bet, a black splits bet, You can also cover it when you play a Tiers du Cylindre bet.

All About the Number 11

17 prime

Many people believe that the number 13 is unlucky. Among other things, one of the reasons is that the Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful mission to the moon in the Apollo program. Well, using that logic, 11 must be a lucky number as Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.

13 is also feared due to its connections to the Last Supper (there were 13 around the table before Jesus was betrayed by Judas). After his fall from grace, the remaining disciples were often just called “The Eleven”.

If you are fan of the beautiful game, you´ll love the number 11 of course, as that is the amount of players you get in a football side. Unless you are playing 5-a-side of course. There are also 11 players in each time on the field at any one time in an American Football game. And cricket is played with 2 teams of 11. The twelfth man is the spare man. So I guess you could say that 11 was a pretty sporty number.

The number eleven is very special when we are remembering the First World War.

World War I came to an end with an Armistice on November 11, 1918, which came into effect at 11:00 am—the 11th hour on 11/11/11. Remembrance Day falls on November 11 every year.


11 is the first of the Master Numbers in numerology, the others being the number 22 and 33. People who are into numerology believe that the master number 11 brings high levels of intuition and insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, plus empathy and emotional intelligence. The number eleven is believed to bestow enormous power as it is the root of all other master numbers.

Normally in numerology, you reduce your date of birth down to one number. So if you were born on the 5th August 1992, your date of birth would be 5/8/1992. Add up all the numbers and you get 34.

So your “Life Path Number” is 7 (3+4). The only numbers you don´t do the final addition for are the Master Numbers- 11, 22 and 33. So someone born the day before would have a Master Number of 33.

If you are into your astrology, you´ll have a connection to 11 if you are an Aquarius as it is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. And in a deck of tarot cards, eleven is the card of Strength or Justice.

Salty Number (NaCl)

11 sodium

11 is the atomic number for sodium.

It´s also infamous as the date of the Twin Towers terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001. American Airlines flight 11 smashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
On a brighter note, September 11 is also the National Day of Catalonia in Spain (Diada Nacional de Catalunya).

Getting back to casino games, in blackjack, an ace can be scored either one or eleven. Ocean´s Eleven is one of the more famous movies that have been released about Las Vegas.

Other Facts About Eleven

What else? Well, The deepest oceanic trench in the world is the Marina Trench in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines. The trench goes down to 11 km. November 11th is Independence Day in Poland.

And finally, what about in roulette? Is this number going to give you an edge when you are searching for the answer to that popular question: how to win at roulette? Is the number 11 an especially lucky number?

Well- here comes the science- it’s as lucky or as unlucky as any other number on the wheel (unless you happen to have found a biased wheel where 11 sits in the hot zone). But I guess that’s not going to stop you playing it if you think it´s your personal lucky number, is it?