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Thirty-Four (34)

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number 34

The number 34- we are getting to the end of the roulette numbers in this section, there being only 37 numbers on a wheel (including the zero). 34 is a red number that sits in the last dozens and lower columns.

We are talking one of the very last buses here!

34 is a semi-prime, meaning that it’s the product of 2 primes: 2 and 17 in this case. 33 and 35 are also semi-primes by the way- those numbers are having a bit of a semi-prime party at that end of the table. These numbers are the first grouping of semi-primes- the next grouping is 85,86 and 87 – but of course we are off the limits of the roulette table by the time you get in to the eighties.

Magic square 4 by 4

34 is also the constant for a 4×4 magic square- a square filled up with numbers 1 to 16 where all the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 34- a kind of magic Sudoku box, if you like that sort of thing. Very neat!

17 is always a popular number on the roulette table (for no other reason than there have been some pretty famous wins on 17 including a Complete Bet made on the number by Mike Ashley and a session from Sean Connery in which he hit 17 three times in a row.

But, according to most croupiers, 34, although it’s double 17, doesn’t see much action. It is famous among croupier circles with the number 6 as being one of the least popular numbers in roulette (that could be a good reason to give it a go in our book). We can understand why casual players may not like 6, as it has all of those unlucky associations that go with it (it’s kind of the foil to the number 7 and the number 8). But the number 34? Why is it so unpopular? We can only think that it’s one of those “lost numbers that people don’t really notice. Players are drawn to prime numbers, so called “lucky numbers” and numbers like 6, 12 and 24 that they see around a lot. 34 is none of these things.

But hey, it’s double 17 isn’t it? You could argue that that makes it twice as lucky as 17 if you were the suspicious type.

It’s not so popular in Asia, and in Macau in particular, as 4 gets a bad rap in Chinese circles- it’s seen as unlucky. In fact, there might not even be a 34th floor in the hotel you are staying in- or a 4th, 14th or 24th.

34 is also a Fibonacci number, something that may interest you if you like to play the Fibonacci System.

How Do I Bet on 34?

34 roulette

34 is a red number that sits between 17 (there it is again) and 6 on a European wheel. Both are black numbers of course, as a roulette wheel always sites red numbers in between black numbers and vice-versa except for 26 and 32 which are either side of the green zero.

On an American roulette wheel, it sits between 22 and 15. Have a look at the double zero variants in our roulette free games section and see for yourself!

To bet on it, just cover it with a single number bet. But that’s not going to give you much table coverage, so just understand that this is a high variance strategy (low probability, high pay-out).

You could increase your coverage with a bet on the red, even or high even money bets, or by placing some chips on the first column or last dozen for a 2:1 pay out.

Or use the other Inside Bets to build up a bigger area on the table with a Split Bet (2 numbers), a Street bet (3 numbers), a Corner Bet (4) or a Six Line bet.

A Finales 4 bet will cover all the numbers ending in 4 (including 34 of course). You can play this en Plein (single number bets) or a Cheval (using Split Bets- in this case you would need to choose a “buddy number”- you could go for 4 and 7, for example. That would cover 17 and 34, for those of you who have a fixation on 17.

The number 34 is one of 8 Orphan Numbers on a roulette wheel- these are the numbers that do not sit either in the Voisins du Zero section (Neighbours of Zero) or the Tiers section opposite it. So you can also cover it with an Orphans bet for a table coverage of 21.6%

Route 34 in the US- The Highest Highway in the States through the Rocky Mountains

Seriously? Someone drove along the whole of Route 34, made a video and posted it to Youtube?!

Do you know what? We started watching it, and found it strangely relaxing….best thing I’ve watched in ages 😉

Anything else interesting about 34?

34 is the international dial code for Spain and the name of a song by the “#34”, a song by the Dave Matthews Band.

U.S. Route 34 is also an east–west US highway that is 1,122 miles long (1,806 km) and connects north-central Colorado to the western suburbs of Chicago, passing through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Sometimes called the Trail Ridge Road- it reaches a height of 12,183 feet (3,713 m), making it the highest highway in the USA. It looks stunning!

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That’s all we have to say about the number 34 except for this, and I know we are stating the obvious. The odds of 34 coming up after a roulette spin are exactly the same as any other number on the wheel! Unless you are playing on a heavily biased wheel.