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Fifteen (15)

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The number fifteen is a black number that sits between red 18 and red 32 near the zero pocket on an American wheel and red 3 and the number 34 on an American wheel.

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Non native English speakers often have trouble in distinguishing between 15 and 50. Luckily, there is no 50 pocket on the roulette wheel, so you won’t get caught out by that one if you are calling out a special bet at the table, such as “Complete Bet on 15 please!”

pool rack

15 is the 5th triangular number (after 1, 3, 6 and 10). The easiest way to explain this is that it is the amount of balls you can stack together ( a bit like when you rack up snooker balls or pool balls at the beginning of a game) to make an equilateral triangle.

The next triangular number is number 21.

The number 15 is the atomic number of phosphorous, and an top of that, it´s a pretty sporty number, being the number of players in a rugby team (no 15 is the full back), and the number of players in a Gaelic Football team.

It´s also the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of a calendar in China.

The Magic Square

At this point it´s worth mentioning the “magic square”, as I know most people will be looking for some magical properties to numbers, however crazy this may seem.

magic square 15

The Magic Square is well known in many cultures. According to legend, it was discovered in 2205 BC when a Chinese Emperor found a magic square on the back of a turtle.

In a magic square, numbers starting with 1 are arranged such that if you add any of the numbers up horizontally, vertically or diagonally, they all come to the same number. In the case of the 3×3 square to the left, the magic number is 15. (Hey, and we thought 3 was the Magic Number!)

Across Asia the 3×3 magic square is called Lo Shu (after the legend of Lo Shu) – you´ll see it being used quite a bit in feng-shui. So, as you can imagine, along with 8, 15 is seen as a pretty lucky number in China. Not every number has legends associated with it.

It´s also pretty big in India, and across the Middle East.

In Europe, magic squares ( from 3x3s to 9x9s, were assigned to planets, and were thought to be able to bring in the influence of the planets and their angels (or demons) during magic. The 3×3 square associated with the number 15 was assigned to Saturn.

magic square sagrada familia

If you have ever been luckily enough to visit the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi´s masterpiece in Barcelona, you might have spotted a 4×4 magic square on the Passion façade. The 4×4 magic square sums to 34- another number on the roulette wheel. The number 15 is often seen as “luckier”, as it is associated with a 3×3 square, the number 3 in itself being thought of a as lucky number (but now we really are descending into Mumbo Jumbo, but you come to your own conclusions!

How to Bet on the Number 15 in Roulette

Well, you can just go ahead and make a single number bet on 15 of course, but that´s pretty risky (unless you plan to stick around the table for a long time). The number 15 also site in the second dozen and the top column if you prefer to cover at least 1/3 of the table. Or make an even money bet on black, odd or the low numbers (you can combine these in some systems such as the One Column and Black strategy.

Or go ahead and cover the number on an inside bet like a corner bet, a street bet, a split bet or a 6 line bet.

You can also cover 15 with some of the special bets like the 007 bet, the Jeu Zero and the Voisins du Zero bets, Or place a Finales en Plein 5 which will cover 5, 15, 25 and 35 with individual bets. A Finales en Cheval 5,8 also covers it, but this involves split bets rather than straight up bets, as you are covering 2 sets of numbers.

More Facts About the Number Fifteen

If you get to your 15th wedding anniversary, it´s crystal you need to be buying. And in Tarot, the number 15 card is the Devil Rider, which features a Satyr: half man and half goat.

In Latin America, a girl´s 15th birthday is a pretty big deal (the Quinceañera or fiesta de quince años. It marks the transition from being a girl to heading into womanhood, a tradition that dates back to Aztec times.

What else can we dredge up? Well Taylor Swift released a song called 15. If you are in to numerology, and you were born on the fifteenth of the month, you should be highly creative and artistic with a strength in languages. Abraham Lincoln died on February 15, 1865. He was shot on the 14the February. And the “Magna Carta” was signed on June 15, 1215- a big step forward in democracy in England with ramifications around the world.

It´s not all good, however. Julius Caesar was killed on March 15, 44 B.C. He was stabbed to death.


So, is the number 15 a lucky roulette number? Well, if we can give you one roulette tip it´s this: in roulette, all numbers are equal. There is an equal chance of any of them landing, in case you happen to be playing on a biased wheel of course. But that´s very rare and you definitely won´t be if you are playing virtual roulette. I never heard of a casino who purposely programmed in imperfections into their video roulette game.

So if you have a lucky number, it´s very much a personal thing, based on your feeling. There´s no science behind it at all. But then you knew that, didn´t you?

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