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Fourteen (14)

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The number fourteen is a red number that sites between the black number 20 and the black number 31 on a European Roulette wheel. If the 0 pocket is at the top, it would be in the 8 o´clock zone.

On an American wheel, you´ll find it at five to 12 sitting between black 35 and black 2. Let´s take a look at this number. The odds of landing a 14 are the same as any other number of course- we just like seeing what the numbers about so we can we if we have any “connection” with it. I know, I know- we´re superstitious.

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If you are not a native English speaker, you might find you get confused beteen 14 and 40 all the time. They don´t sound that different. Luckily, on a roulette wheel, there isn´t a number 40, so you are not going to call out the wrong bet and confuse the croupier when you yell: “Complete Bet on 14!”

The number 14 is the 5th semi-prime (which is a number made up of 2 prime numbers) after 4, 6, 9 and 10 (that´s what we love about roulette, you get to learn some maths too. You can´t say that about slots (I guess you can about blackjack if you are a card counter).


Why is this relevant to online roulette? Well, semi-primes are used extensively in cryptography and number theory, and are used in number generators. A computer finds it easy to pick two large prime numbers and the multiply them together (ie generating a semi-prime). But going the other way (finding the original factors) is difficult. That´s all we are saying! Online roulette relies on an RNG or random number generator to mimic a real live wheel. it needs to get the numbers from somewhere.

Mathematicians also get excited about 14, as it is the sum of the first 3 squares (1 squared + 2 squared + 3 squared).

If your name is Keith, you´ll be interested to know that 14 is a Keith Number. What´s a Keith number? Well this involves the Fibonacci sequence, which is also relevant to roulette players, but Keith numbers are more for fun. With a Keith number, you can run a Fibonacci sequence with the individual digits, and the actual number will appear in the sequence. They are not easy to find!
So in the case of 14, we have 1,4,5,9,14,23 etc

19 is also one: 1,9,10,19,29

So is 28: 2,8,10,18,28,46

Fourteen is a number we see quite a bit of day to day (although not as much as 7). There are 14 days in a fortnight, 14 pounds in a stone, and so on. As seven is seen as a lucky number, many people view 14 as a number that has some of that magic dust blown on to it. But then we are really entering in the world of hocus pocus. If you think 7 is a perfect number, then 14 is double perfection I suppose.

The moon waxes in 14 days and then wanes in 14 days, so many think of 14 as a celestial number. But if you´re Chinese, you won´t be so keen on it. It´s not as unlucky as the number 4, but even so it sounds a bit like “want to die”, which is obviously not good. You might not see too many bets on it in Macau!

How to Bet on the Number 14 in Roulette

If you want to cover more table that you would do on a single number bet on 14, you can bet red, even or low numbers, or you can cover the middle column or dozen. 14 is somewhat of a midfield number!

There are plenty of Inside Bets that will cover 14 as well, such as a 6 line bet, a split bet or a corner bet. Other specials that will work include the 007 bet, the Finales 4 en Plein, and the Orphelins. The Snake Bet will also work, but you won´t find this on every table.

More Facts About the Number Fourteen

silicon 14

The number 14 is the atomic number of silicon, one of the most abundant elements on the surface of the earth (there´s lots of sand about). For Hindus it´s a pretty special number, being the number of years that Rama was exiled.

14 is the age at which you can drive a car in the States (supervised and with a driver’s license. You can also drive a 50cc Vespa in Italy when you hit 14. In rugby, the number 14 is worn by the fast guy or girl on the right wing. Rory Underwood was a famous English winger who wore the number 14 shirt. His brother Tony wore the number 11 shirt on the other wing.

If you are Spanish, you´ll probably know that 14 is the number of Fernando Alonso´s Formula 1 car. Valentine´s day falls on the 14th February, of course, so this number has romantic connotation in the West, and if you are a French player you´ll know that the 14th July is “Bastille Day”.

After the unlucky 13th Apollo mission to the moon which ended in failure, Apollo 14 became the 3rd manned mission to land on the moon on February 5, 1971. This was the trip in which Alan Shepard played golf on the moon.

What Else About the Number 14?

fourteen flames

The other claim to fame for fourteen is that it´s the number of the current Dalai Lama: the spiritual leader of Tibet. He is believed to be the 14th Dalai Lama, a reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama. Oh and William Shakespeare´s poem structure of choice, the sonnet, has fourteen lines.

It´s also become quite a famous number for Game of Thrones fans. The Fourteen Flames is huge chain of volcanoes that run across the top of the Valyrian peninsula. There are deep mines beneath the Fourteen Flames. Valyrians sent slaves to the mines to hunt for gold. It is said that any sailor who spots the mountains of Valyria rising above the waves will come to a horrible end. Don´t play it in Old Valyria in other words!

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