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Lucky Number 16 for Northern Californian Lady

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October 12 2016

NorCal roulette win

A lucky lady from Northern California in the US saw her lucky number 16 come in spectacularly on the roulette tables of Las Vegas. She was at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas to celebrate her 36th birthday.

Leslie Sategna put a $1,000 bet on the number 16 and it came in for her- gifting her a $35,000 win. Plus she got her original $1000 bet back of course. Lesliie had been cooking up this single number bet for a decade. She has won similar bets no less than 3 times previously.

“I was nervous and excited and kind of kept telling myself all day, ‘You’re not going to win.’ I saw the ball settle in sixteen and the whole place just went crazy. It was insane,” she said.

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Her long term roulette system began 20 years previously on her sixteenth birthday when she asked her dad, who was heading to Las Vegas, to put a $10 bet on the number 16 at midnight on September 16. The number came in.

leslie sategna

Then on her 26th birthday, she went to Las Vegas herself and placed a $10 bet on the number 16 at midnight and it came in once more.

So on her 36th, twenty of her best friends and closest family jetted in from across the States and watched her bag the number again, this time with a $1000 dollar bet. Then, as you can imagine, it was party time!

“We all bought champagne and decided to return on my 46th, so I’m putting $10,000 aside and having a great weekend with my friends. Anything that’s left over is going in my kid’s college fund,” she said.

Leslie is planning her next trip 10 years from now with a $10,000 bet.
What a story!

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