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Number Combo Bet

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Best Casinos for the Number Combo Bet

play the number combo bet

The Number Combo bet is very similar to the Chip Bomb Bet- it’s a nine-chip bet at its maximum (this will depend on which number you pick to be your “central number”), but instead of it being nine straight-up bets, the chips are squashed in, and it’s a combination of a straight up bet (on the lead number), plus corner and split bets.

You can have a Number Combo on 5, 12 or 29 for example. It’s best explained with a graphical representation, so below we have shown a Number Combo bet on the number 17 (Mike Ashton’s favourite number, allegedly- you know the guy who used to own Newcastle United Football Club. Anyway, we digress). You can compare this to the graphic on our Chip Bomb Bet page to easily understand the difference.

Play the Number Combo Bet at Wombat Casino
You’ll find this bet on Premier Roulette (Diamond). It’s in the Advanced Call Bets section.

It’s similar to playing the Chip Bomb (or “Bombing the Number”) for obvious reasons, but also because the number of chips you will bet will depend on whether your lead number is in the middle column, or out at the edges of the betting area.

Roulette Table Layout Showing a Number Combo Bet on 17 (9 chip bet).

number combo bet

Why would you play this instead of the Chip Bomb? Well, it gives you more weight on your lead number. If that drops in playing the Number Combo, you are going to win the straight-up bet on the central number, plus some split bets and corner bets as well.

On the other hand, if one of the surrounding numbers hits, you won’t get as good a payout versus playing the Chip Bomb. You pays your money and you takes your choice, as the saying goes.

Roulette Table Layout Showing a Number Combo Bet on 18 (6 chip bet).number combo roulette bet

The Best Casino and Variant for The Number Bet?

Just like the Chip Bomb (and many of the other Call Bets for that matter), you’ll need a VIP roulette game like Premium Roulette Diamond. We’d recommend All British for this variant which offers a cash back offer.