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The Best Roulette Wheels

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What are the best roulette wheels on the market?

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We spend most of our time playing roulette online, of course (well, we are called But that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a flutter on the wheel on a night out at a casino like the Hippodrome Casino in London or Aspers in Stratford.

So who makes the best roulette wheels? Roulette was invented from one man’s search for a perpetual motion machine. I think if he’d have seen some modern-day wheels, he’d have been pretty impressed.

One of the things we can appreciate is the beauty of the modern-day roulette wheel. Think about it- roulette wheels are marvels of engineering. The game owes its entire existence to that guy called Blaise Pascal who was trying to invent a machine that would spin and spin forever.

Let’s take a look at some of the contenders.

Cammegh Roulette Wheels

Our first port of call to answer this question would be a company called Cammegh, which claims to make the “finest roulette wheel” in the world. They are the company behind Spreadbet Roulette. And they might very well be right.

They have customers all around the world including Grosvenor Casinos in the UK, the Crown Casino in Macau, the Gran Casino in Barcelona and Caesars in Atlantic City. They have also been selected as the exclusive roulette and display supplier to the Aspers group, a five-year deal that follows on from a successful installation of Mercury 360 roulette wheels at the Aspers Milton Keynes casino.

And if you are playing roulette live online, you might also spot a Cammegh in the studio!

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Do Biased Wheels Exist?

Over the years, many people have cracked the roulette code by identifying biased wheels that have imperfections that will favour some zones over others. If you can identify a wheel bias, you may be able to convert the house edge into a player edge.

But can you do that these days? You can be sure that manufacturers like Camnegh spend a lot of money and effort into producing perfect roulette wheels, or at least ones that only have tiny imperfections.

We are not saying it is impossible to find bias on a modern wheel. But it’s practically impossible on a high-end product like a Cammegh.

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The Cammegh Halo Roulette Wheel

Mercury 360

The Mercury 360 is the latest addition to Cammegh’s Mercury Series with in-rim sensors. It’s a roulette computer designed to minimise any risk of fraudulent activity going on at the table.

This luxury roulette wheel has four 4 in-rim sensors for instant winning number recognition. As soon as the ball pops into a pocket, this intelligent machine knows about it! (That gets us thinking, by the way, what if people start hacking into this data? There have got to be some criminal minds working on this scam).

This wheel is high-tech in every way. It monitors the rotor status, the wheel level and ball characteristics throughout the session, protecting the casino against biased roulette wheels. The casinos can then plug this into Cammegh’s Wheel Manager Application, and all the data can be exported via a network cable (Ethernet) to a PC or network for analysis and diagnostics. Ultra High Tech!

In terms of classic design, we love the Connoisseur: it comes with a Garnite™ ball track and looks the business. Garnite has been developed by Cammegh, again to protect casinos against wheel bias. Its properties are pretty stable if the temperature and humidity vary. The Connoisseur comes in single or double zero roulette variants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Types of Roulette Wheels are there?
    The two main types of roulette wheel are the American (with two zero pockets) and the European (with a single zero pocket). You will notice that the distribution of the numbers from 1 to 36 are also very different between these two variants. In both cases, red numbers alternate with black numbers, and in an American wheel the zero pockets sit opposite each other.
  • What are the leading roulette wheel manufacturers?
    There are 2 manufacturers that control the lion’s share of the market:
    TCS John Huxley and Canmegh.
    Other companies include Abbiati (Italy), CTC Holdings (US) and Matsui Europe.
  • Is it legal to buy a roulette wheel?

Cammegh Crystal

For pure WOW factor, you’d have to go with the Cammegh Crystal roulette wheels. This sleek, modern design has a bowl and rotor sculpted to perfection from single slabs of transparent acrylic, resulting in a tough, beautiful finish. Low maintenance and striking, you will see these in many casinos across the globe.

Slingshot 2

The other high-tech wheel, that automatically releases the ball and protects against dealer signature is the Slingshot 2, which Cammegh claims is the most reliable automatic roulette wheel anywhere in the world.

With a 100% random rotor and ball speed launch, coupled with their ARC System (Active Rotor Control) system which changes the rotor to a new random speed after “no more bets” has been called. Another insurance policy against fraudsters looking to game the casinos using a bit of technology and roulette physics or chaos theory.

The roulette ball is pushed out into the wheel by a puff of air, and it is met by random puffs of air from hidden air jets positioned in the ball track. All bad news for players looking to game the casino by looking out for wheel bias or dealer signature. Even players playing the best roulette strategy in the world for biased wheels are going to struggle to get an edge against the casinos if the wheels are this perfect.

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Another renowned wheel manufacturer in the business is TCSJohnHuxley.

If you are looking for a non-traditional wheel that makes a serious statement, you should take a look at their Saturn™ Glo Roulette Wheel with its striking dynamic colour-changing LED technology.

Positioned in the wheel Ball Track, the programmable LEDs add an extra spice to the proceedings. The Saturn’s™ sensors work alongside the LED technology to colour communicate ‘New Betting Sequence’, ‘Finish Betting’ or ‘No More Bets’. Pretty cool.

TCSJohnHuxley’s Saturn Glo Roulette Wheel


The Abbiati Company is a privately owned family company that is based in Turin, Italy. They have been manufacturing high quality roulette wheels for over thirty years.

The wheels are manufactured and assembled using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining process that is key to the quality and precision of their products.

They also supply Winning Number Displays, Laser Wheels and Independent electronic levelling systems for Roulette wheels.

Abbiati Contemporary Roulette Wheel

abbiati contemporary roulette wheel

Shown is the Abbiati Contemporary Double Zero wheel with the ball track in Corian® (Du Pont), 12 Polished Nickel Ball Stops and a polished Nickel Central Turret.

How do they make Roulette Wheels Fraud Proof?

Everyone loves a biased wheel. Or the clockers do. But roulette wheel manufacturers invest a fortune to ensure that their products generate random results.

Precision engineering is the name of the game here. Cammegh’s promise a maintenance-free for life bearing – which never requires lubricating in its entire lifetime.

Ball scatter is optimised with CAD and most roulette wheels aren’t affected by changes in temperature and humidity, while the mechanism delivers random rotor speeds on automatic wheels to combat wheel clockers and advantage players.

How Much is a Professional Roulette Wheel?

How much do these wheels cost?

Prices vary according to the volume you are ordering, but to give you an idea, the Cammegh James Bond 007 Special Edition roulette wheel retails for around €16,000. They are not cheap, in other words! It’s precision engineering. It would cost you much more in the long run to install a cheap wheel that was potentially biased if you ran a casino.