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The Future of Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

Roulette, that game that was born following the search for a perpetual motion machine – is a game steeped in history and pedigree, seen by many as the most regal of the table games. Now, in a world where increasing numbers of new and established players are moving their gaming from land based casinos to online- and beyond, what does this beloved table game’s future look like? The basic answer to the question “What Makes Roulette So Popular?” isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but how we play the game is evolving all of the time.

future roulette

In the past live online roulette or roulette that you can play on your mobile phone sounded outlandish but now there are some seriously crazy options for where this game is going next- let’s get intergalactic, who knows the sky’s literally the limit!

Live gaming is growing exponentially with digital platforms dedicated to gaming including Twitch reporting that 45 million individuals are participating or watching live games a month! And these games where you can be involved in a live wheel in land based casino while sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas are just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what the share of roulette in the casinos of the futire will look like, but with all of these new variants it is probably going to keep heading up.

Prototypes are being developed that are making mobile roulette look like child’s play with virtual reality technology getting in on the act.

Virtual Reality is Going to Get Bigger

The well-known company Microgaming have launched their own prototype with Virtual Reality (VR) Roulette. In this game you simply don a headset and find yourself in space with a robot croupier doling out the chips and spinning the wheel!

Advances like this have grown out of the explosion of mobile phone technology and the growth in consumer demand to create increasingly immersive “gamification” experiences, in the convenience of your own home, without popping on your dinner jacket or best dress. This ease of play has meant more accessible gaming to those who wish to dabble or a more convenient way to play for pros.

Android Spinners

In New York, USA, a casino has embraced the future by introducing an android as a croupier which has helped the land-based casino to circumvent gambling regulations and set a crazy precedent too. The croupier was described in local media as “a chesty cyber-woman” who set the ball spinning on an electronic play wheel. The stuff of imagination is coming to fruition with these extraordinary advances.

And of course there’s the goofy changes to roulette too, like the birth of the hilariously fun human roulette game. Here, a daring participant lies or sits on a rotating disc which is moving around an inflatable wheel- the winner is the person who guesses the number where the wheel rider will fall off! Now I’ve seen it all!

Roulette Rides

If you ever find yourself in Tipton, Pennsylvania, make a bee line for DelGrosso’s Amusement Park where you can literally get involved in roulette in a whole new way! Here there’s a ride called Casino where the participants are seated in the pockets of a roulette wheel as the whole roulette wheel spins at breakneck speed. Now that’s one way to get in touch with your roulette strategy!

With these innovations and progresses in gaming, the future of roulette is looking so bright, the direction that the game goes next is impossible to guess. The massive leaps in technology and innovation, a growing appetite, and serious competition in the global market can only mean an exciting ride into the future – one that is easy to get on board with. Just be careful next time you go to a game park!