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Casino Whales.

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Casino Whales. They’re Big All Right.

Casino Whale

Have you ever heard of a strange creature called a Casino Whale? This isn’t something you’re likely to see surfacing off the coast of Vancouver or the Cape of Good Hope. These boys and girls are to be found in the gambling palaces of Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco and they are BIG. Big Spenders that is, and the casinos love ’em.

Let’s take a look into their mysterious world, shall we?

Casino Whales is an industry term for big spending high rollers in the world of gambling. These players can regularly bet hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in a single session.

If you follow movie trends, you might think that roulette and poker players make up most of the numbers (something to do with the James Bond film perhaps?) And yes, there are many roulette whales, but the game of choice for your typical Casino Whale is baccarat, particularly in Macau. One of the world’s most famous whales, the late Kerry Packer, probably had a lot to do with this statistic.

In April 2017, a group of Casino Whales won $10million at the Wynn Palace Macau. Ouch!

wynn palace macau baccarat

Casino Whales have been known to bet as much as $5 million in one night – you can see why casinos bend over backwards to try and entice them through the doors. They are a double-edged sword though- some businesses over the years have had to issue profit warnings too their shareholders after a lucky run from one of their high roller punters.

In July 2017, for example, Casino tycoon Steve Wynn reported during a conference call with stock analysts, that a group of Baccarat Whales won $10 million in his Wynn Palace in Macau in April 2017. The win even shocked the casino billionaire. One of his leading casinos lost money for the entire month.

How to Fish For Casino Whales

So how do you attract a whale to your casino? They can be slippery, elusive mammals.

Well, lots of free stuff helps like free luxury limos, cash back on gambling losses, and a free credit card to shop with – that’s always good for persuading the other half to come along for the ride.

You might want to to organise a private concert with one of the Whales favourite bands, and you’ll need somewhere flash for them to stay such as the penthouse suites in the Cosmopolitan. If you bet big enough, you’ll be staying for free (a so called “comp”) or you at least get a fat discount.

The Nobu Penthouse at Caesars. Not too shabby.

Nobu Penthouse

If you want whales, you’ll also need a special place for them to play as they only like hanging out in smaller pods (with other whales mostly). So make sure you have some swish VIP tables, and string some purple rope across the entrance with a few big bouncers on the door.

Whales Like to Eat

Joël Robuchon in the MGM Grand should sort the Whales out from the Minnows. It has 3 Michelin stars and a meal here will set you back around $500. Unless you go crazy on the wine list, in wish you are looking at a considerably higher price tab.

Joël Robuchon

Joel Robuchon

These whales don’t care much for plankton, but they do like their grub, so if you want them in your casino, you’ll need some fancy restaurants, preferably with some Michelin Stars. A meal will probably set you back about $500 by the way, but if you’re a Whale, you might get a freebie.

Other things to pull out of your hat include amazing views of the Strip, an exclusive check-in service, and guaranteed privacy during their stay,

Oh, it’s a Whale’s Life alright!