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Where to Play Roulette in Russia

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Gambling in Russia

Roulette in RussiaYou might be disappointed if you’re out and about on the streets on Moscow or St Petersburg looking for somewhere for a flutter, as casino gaming is outlawed across this vast country -except in four very special regions where gambling has the green light.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be in the world’s largest country (by area) then these are the easy to remember names of the regions where you can indulge your table play: Primorsky Krai, Krasnodar Krai, Altai Republic and Kaliningrad Oblast!


Altai MountainsAltai in the frosty Siberia is renowned for its striking wild beauty and the shy resident, the extremely rare, snow leopard- but nature aside, this region is also home to another rare find, the Altai Palace Casino which opened in 2014, surely a contender for one of the world’s most remote casinos?

This superior spot offers gambling in fine surroundings with 16 play tables and 20 slot machines for the trying- there’s also a special poker room and tournaments take place here, and there are three exclusive high stakes rooms for those of you who like a more volatile game!

Krasnodar Krai, might not be a name to trip off the tongue but it is very close to the snowy Sochi, which found global fame when it hosted the Winter Olympics.


Sochi CasinoSochi is also where one of Russia’s most envy-inducing casinos is found. You won’t get the kind of luxury you’d experience by playing roulette at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas, but you won’t be that far behind here. The Sochi Casino Resort is that most lovely of things, a casino that feels like your gambling in the most sophisticated of palaces. This is grandeur and glitz that would give Vegas a run for its money. Here in this palace of gambling you’d be hard pressed to try everything on offer with 70 gaming tables here covering pretty much any table game you can think of and massive 569 slot machines. For the poker lover you’re in luck with a Poker Club just for little ol’ you!

Kaliningrad Oblast is luxuriously set against the scenic Baltic Sea close to Poland and Lithuania.

Sobranie Casino, Kaliningrad Oblast is another casino that really puts Russia on the gambling map with a casino resort set amongst a stunning setting and build with serious luxury in mind.

The resort takes gambling seriously with 14 tables for gaming, a substantial 350 slot machines, and a Poker Club which regularly hosts poker tournaments.

This is also a spot that is expecting a bit influx of visitors when the 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place.

Primorsky Krai, in the far east of Russia where it borders China, is fast attracting attention as being the hot ticket in gambling, not only inside the country itself but also in the wider region.

Tigre De Cristal is the lone casino in the region at this time but there are a number of other exciting casino projects underway, with significant investment in making this area a go-to spot for the discerning gambler in the Asia Pacific region.


Tigre de Cristal CasinoThe Tigre De Cristal, which is found close to the famed Vladivostok, is a casino to impress. This modern and superior casino has a mighty 53 tables for gaming and a crazy 226 slots – this place has enough of the good stuff to satisfy any demanding gambler. We’d compare this to the Borgata roulette experience that you’d get in Atlantic City rather than your high end Las Vegas hotels, but we are talking Vladivostok. Give them time!

For the high roller out there, there is the exclusive VVS Diamond Club which is an invitation only affair!

So despite the government’s strict crack down on casino gaming (and online gambling too,) in the places where gambling is allowed, the gambling entertainment industry has really gone for serious quality over quantity, creating some luxurious places to spent and win your money.

Russian casinos have the kind of good looks and customer service that lays down a serious challenge to the major casino hotspots around the world, so add this country to your gambling to do list!