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3D Gaming: The Future for Online and Mobile Casinos?

Online Roulette Guide

3d rouletteIf you visit the pages of an online casino, the first thing that will strike you is the sheer range of available games on offer. If you head to 888 Casino, for example, you will see more than 200 games which have all been adapted from games that you might see in the casinos of Las Vegas, London or Monaco such as poker, blackjack and roulette. The latter is particularly popular in 2015, with some online site offering upwards of 20 variants that have evolved from traditional formats including American, European and French roulette (just check out our roulette games page and you’ll see!

Look further, and you’ll start to see a trend in the games. As more and more computing power becomes available and connection speeds increase, the game designers have more and more scope to develop high end graphics that engage and entertain players. You just have to compare the graphics on the newer games to older variants like this Pinball roulette game to appreciate how the industry has moved on.

Let’s take a look at 3D roulette, for example, which provides one of the best possible examples- it is featured on many of the Playtech sites (check out the bet365 roulette for instance), and really moves the player experience up to a new level.

So why is three-dimensional roulette so popular? The main reason is the slick graphics, which more effectively mimic a land-based gambling experience in a traditional casino. A 3D environment creates a far more immersive setting. It just looks more real and you can almost feel the buzz playing it! These kinds of games wouldn’t have been possible even 3 years ago- they have only been made possible with the more powerful phones and the faster connection speeds that we all enjoy these days.

The game experience has also been enhanced by slicker in-game sound effects, such as the noise generated by a spinning roulette wheel, the ball as it lands in a specific slot and the backgound noise of the virtual casino. Decent casinos will let you turn these sounds off if you want to anyway, giving an altogether more customised experience.

While 3D roulette may well be on the up and incredibly popular, it’s got a tough competitor snapping at its heels, and that’s live online roulette. This, arguably, is the closest as you are going to get to real casino gambling. The experience is effectively the same, only beamed through a webcam.

If we were to put our money on a winner? Well, we have seen a move recently by casinos to offer quicker live roulette games- one of the main disadvantages of playing live instead of virtual roulette. This is only going to help the rise of live roulette. They’ll always be a market for both, but if casinos can offer fast paced live roulette, we reckon that will take a bigger slice of the action.