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The Rise and Rise of Live Roulette

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The UK Gambling Commission has a great deal to celebrate in recent times, having released a financial report that highlighted the incredible growth in the market as a whole. More specifically, it revealed that online gambling revenues in the UK accounted for 17% of the overall market share, as a growing number of players either supplement bricks and mortar gameplay by frequenting virtual casinos or simply choose to operate exclusively from a remote base. This is a huge shift in the market, and the emergence of live gameplay online will only support this trend in the coming months with key players lauching products, like 888 live roulette Betfair and Betfred Live Roulette live games.

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The Key to Market Growth

If we take the popular casino game of roulette, for example, we see the true growth of live gameplay. Players seem to want to play on a real roulette wheel. Supported by improved graphics and fibre-optic broadband connections, servers and mobile operating systems are now able to deliver an immersive and real-time gambling experience and adequately replicates land based casinos. This drive has also been underpinned by the development and integration of 128-bit encryption technology, which now support mobile gaming sites and enables live, real money transactions.

In some casinos, such as in the bgo live roulette section, you can play up to 3 games simultanously on a multiple live desktop (either 3 roulette tables or roulette, blackjack and baccarat for example).

There are other changes that have helped online gameplay to evolve and thrive, although these have been prompted largely by individual operators themselves. The most telling is the decision to create a more interactive gaming experience, and developers have achieved this through two means. Firstly, they have capitalised on digital audio technology to create high quality sound effects and generate a more authentic roulette environment. In addition to this, they have also made the croupier a prominent and larger than life icon, as this drives higher level of interaction and boosts player engagement as a result.

The Last Word

With online gambling revenues in 2014 up 22% on the previous twelve months, we can see how the market is growing at a rapid pace. If we also assess the simultaneous rise to prevalence of live tournaments and gameplay, it also becomes clear that this is a key driver of growth.

The game of roulette is integral to this, as its visual impact and unique combination of skill and chance makes it ideal for real-time, online gameplay. As thrilling as it is challenging, live roulette will become an even more popular feature of online gaming as the market expands at a faster in the next five years and beyond.