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Win A Supercar With a £2 Roulette Bet

Online Roulette Guide

Is there any way that you could walk into a casino, start off by placing a £2 bet on roulette and end up driving off in a supercar?

Well, it’s possible in theory! But just to warn you, it’s also pretty tough to pull off, but hey- if you don’t manage it, you’ve just lost £2, right? You can aways test this out on our free roulette games. But you are going to feel pretty sick if your numbers do come in. Remember, the record for the same number falling in a row in roulette is seven, but to our knowledge it´s only happened once. That doesn´t mean that it isn´t going to happen again, but the odds are longer than winning the lottery- just to warn you.

Review of the Ferrari 488 GTB
If you follow the steps below (and you are VERY lucky), this would be in your budget! 😉

Here’s how you could pull it off.

Step 1

Head to you favourite online casino or land-based casino. Let’s say you head to the Hippodrome roulette tables- after all- they have an online casino and an actual casino in the West End, so you can choose whether to make this bet online or not (as much as we love playing online, we’d have to admit that this would be cooler to pull off in the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, but you might need to place a £5 bet as those are the table minimums).

Step 2

Walk up to the roulette wheel and place your £2 bet as a single number bet on your favourite number. It’s the ultimate high variance roulette bet! We’re going to go with 17- because it worked for Mike Ashley.

Step 3

When your number wins (we are being positive here!), let the bet ride (keep your winnings on 17. so £70 plus your original bet which makes £72). Actually, you can move your chips to another number if you suddenly feel some divine intervention. It makes no difference to your odds.

Step 4

If you win that bet, you’ll now have £2592. You are on your way! This is where you’ll need nerves of steel. Let the bet ride again (or move all of your chips to another single number- it’s up to you- and cross your fingers. If that comes in you’ll have £93,312.

Now at this point, you are thinking that this is pretty unlikely- to sit there and win 3 single number bets in a row. Well, yes it is, but it’s been done before. Sean Connery‘s done it, for example.

You might be tempted to leave the table at this point. £93,312 will buy you a seriously nice car, but it’s not going to be a super car. So before you leave the table, you have one more finger nail biting bet to pull off.

Step 5

You now need to move all of your £93,312 worth of chips onto an even money bet. It doesn’t matter which, it can be red, black, odd, even, high or low numbers. You choose. Let’s say we go for everything on the red and it comes in.
Congratulations- you will now have £186,624! – enough for your super car.

What Are the Odds?

Well, they are pretty low- if you are playing European Roulette, the odds are 1/37×1/37×1/37×18/37 = 1 in 104,120.

Tiny odds right? Yes, but better than the lottery. And remember, you only risked £2.

What Supercars Can you Afford?


You have a lot of money to spend on a car, but it’s not going to buy you a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. That would cost you almost US$5 million. Even with your £186,624, you are going to have to shop around.

You are still 10 or 20 grand off the McLaren 650S which is priced from from £195,250. You’ll easily be able to afford a Porsche 911 GT3 which is around the 100 grand mark. The Ferrari LaFerrari is well out of your price range at £1,150,000 (depressing, isn’t it!)

We’d go for the Ferrari 488 GTB which, at £183,964, is pretty much spot on your price range. Just remember- you need to pay for the servicing!