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Where Can I Play Roulette?

Online Roulette Guide

where can i play roulette

The age-old game of roulette has never been more popular. With the introduction of a wide range of new technologies and opportunities for it to be played across the globe has opened the game up to a whole new audience whom previously may never have even thought of betting on this popular table game.

So where do we begin? It has to be with land-based roulette, the true home of the classic game of roulette, and nowhere else does roulette quite like Monaco– the spiritual home of the game. For many years the roulette wheel has been one of the most iconic games found in nearly every casino around the world. It takes centre stage at the London Hippodrome Casino, for example, and is a big draw around the world except for perhaps Macua, where baccarat and sic-bo take centre stage.

The advantages of playing in a real-life casino with an actual dealer and other players around you can add an extra dimension, quite literally, to your entire playing experience. There is the atmosphere- something that is hard to replicate online (although many games are getting closer, particularly with the spread of live roulette online. A great atmosphere can really boost your overall enjoyment of the game, and the world’s top casinos now have the best roulette wheels that money can buy.

Roulette first came about in the 18th Century and has entertained millions of players on a global scale all hoping to spin in their next big win. Of course if you’re not anywhere near an actual casino and really want to get your game on then what do you do? You head online of course. Online gaming has grown exponentially each and every year since its inception. Thanks to ever-developing technologies with new and improved systems and software it’s a gaming market that continues to evolve at an astonishing rate. And it’s a great place to learn the ropes of the game, without getting intimidated by other “expert” players (most of the time, you’ll probably find that the player next to you has no more experience playing roulette than you do- they’re just bluffing).

An online roulette table is a virtual representation of both the table and the wheel. It uses animation and sound effects to imitate the atmosphere of a typical casino and to make you feel more like you are in familiar surroundings. The dealer can either be represented by just a voice or even a virtual avatar which helps to add a little more realism to your online gaming experience. There are definite advantages to playing online. You can play when you want, at the speed that you want for example. And that makes virtual roulette games very popular for players trying to find their best roulette strategy. You can’t play online roulette everywhere- some countries like the US have tried to ban it (except in individual States like New Jersey and Nevada). RTG roulette sites still accept US players.

In the past few years the online experience has expanded even further to the realms of mobile roulette gaming which offers users the chance to download and play all their favourite casino games including roulette on their smart-phones and tablets. Try the games on Paddy Power mobile roulette and you will appreciate how far things have come on since “WAP” day. This effectively allows owners to conveniently carry around lightweight versions of their favourite casinos which can simply slot into your pocket. It makes hooking up to your favourite games so much easier and more importantly you can do it anywhere and anytime whether you’re stuck at home, on a plane or on the move. There are also plenty of Facebook roulette apps about- these are free games though- you won’t be able to bet for real on these, they are social games.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. Having access to casino games in your pocket is all well and good, and very convenient, but make sure you play responsibly.