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Why Play Roulette Online?

Online Roulette Guide

why play roulette online

The wide range of opportunities for roulette players to get on to a table and begin wagering until their heart’s content is quite astonishing. You can play at any casino in person, online, on your smart-phone or even through your television these days but what’s the great benefit of heading online to place your next bet?

The main benefit is that it is the game choice. You can play standard variants, or search for French roulette tables which offer superior odds to players. There is also a wide selection of novelty games available- play 101 roulette, for example, or have a flutter on a Multi-Wheel variant.

For example, the UK Casino Club roulette section has a premium French Roulette game which has a 98.65% RTP (return to player ot payout). Compare that to the American double zero roulette you get in Las Vegas which has a RTP of 94.7%. In simple terms, your odds are much better! Betfair Casino even went one better with a No Zero Roulette game, but unfortunately that was quietly discontinued- presumably they were losing money on it.

Then, of course, what sets the online casino apart from other methods of play is the pure convenience and freedom it has opened up for the seasoned player as well as for the fresh-faced novice. It’s a great place to learn how to play roulette if you are not familiar with the various bets (although most people will know how to “stick it on the red”, we guess). To go odds or evens, to put it all on red or black or to simply let it ride- these are all roulette strategies that you can test online. Having the ability to play at literally the touch of a button anywhere and when you want to is all perfectly possible these days- you’re never far from a casino if you fancy a flutter, all you need is to do a roulette software download, or fire up your phone and download an app. Of course, we’ll be the first to admit that that is not necessarily a 100% good thing. With so many games at hand, it can be easy to get carried away- you need to remain disciplined and play responsibly for enjoyment.

If you’re a real roulette fan and you are stuck in traffic somewhere, or on a long-haul flight or train journey across the country and you fancy a bet then there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to just simply pop over to your local casino. These days, you can just reach into your pocket, pull out your smartphone and load up an app, or head to a mobile casino. You’ll be online and spinning the wheel in no time. This has all been made possible thanks to the more powerful smartphones that many players carry around with them these days, and the fast connection speeds that are available- even on your mobile signal. The data requirements are pretty modest once you have downloaded the games (be that via a roulette app or via a html5 in-browser game). All your phone then needs to do is to connect to the RNG (random number generator) which delivers the results and imitates the behaviour of a real roulette wheel. That’s unless you want to play live roulette, of course- in which case you will be playing a real roulette wheel, and the action will be beamed to your phone via webcam. Try bgo live roulette– you can even play up to 3 tables at the same time on their Multiple Live Roulette game.

Aside from the convenience, online roulette is the perfect way for newcomers to the game to learn, practice and improve their wagering skills behind closed doors and away from prying eyes. Some inexperienced players can often feel a little intimated by the sights and sounds of a bustling casino. Let’s face it, until you’ve first boosted your confidence a little, then no-one really wants to get shoulder to shoulder with other more knowledgeable players on their first run. Online casinos have plenty of ‘practice play’ options where you play online games for free in order to try them out without any money involved. We have plenty of different variants where you can play free roulette here at It’s the perfect way to learn the game, the sequence of play and to help think about your ideal strategy and more importantly your money management techniques (stop loss, take profit levels etc).

And while you’re playing online you may come across part of the game that you’re a little unsure about. Often if you’re stuck at the table of a real-life casino you may miss out on something yet being online allows you the ability to instantly access a huge amount of information relating to the game, allowing you to quickly discover the answers to questions you may have about the game that those in the casino themselves may not be willing to share with you.