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The Most luxurious Land Based Casinos in the World

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While the rise of the online casino industry only began as recently as 1994, it has evolved at an incredible rate over the course of the last 21 years. Within the next decade, it is estimated that online gaming revenue will supersede bricks and mortar gambling, with the latter seeing smaller profits in the stellar locations such as Las Vegas and Macau.

However, the sheer luxury and opulence of land based is hard to ignore, however (although new VIP games like Playtech’s Grand Royale Live Casino is bringing some of that glamour online). Many of the worlds’ most famous casino resorts will go from strength to strength- particular those that use online gaming as a tool to recruit players from around the world. Sure, you can play on live online roulette tables these days, but nothing beats being there in the flesh and blood at the end of the day.
So let’s go behind the scenes and take a look at three of the most popular casinos in the whole world where you can play the best land-based roulette: –

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

bellagio roulette

Now while the status of The Bellagio as the world’s premier gambling resort has been largely influenced by Hollywood, this doesn’t mean that this casino’s game floor, accommodation and alternative entertainment isn’t out of this world. Located right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada (some would say dominating the Strip), it delivers a huge range of gaming experiences and tables set in an incredibly lavish interior. This isn’t a place you are going to find ultra low limit roulette tables at. Owned by MGB Resorts, it has also starred in blockbuster films such as The Hangover and most famously Ocean’s Eleven and this has only helped the growth of the Bellagio Legend. The American Roulette tables here are the stuff of legend and have seen their fair share of high rollers betting on the green baize.

The Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

If Vegas is renowned as the spiritual home of gambling, then surely Monte Carlo is renowned as the home of the rich, the famous and the downright beautiful. This is the spiritual home of roulette, if there ever was one. Monte Carlo is the ideal setting for Monaco’s premier casino, which dominates the landscape of the French principality and provides a picturesque resort in which gamblers can spend their hard-earned cash. The lavish Casino De Monte Carlo is a luxury casino that happens to be one of the most stylish gambling destinations on the world, offering everything from eclectic décor to high stakes roulette tables, big money blackjack and blockbuster tournaments.

The Barona Casino in San Diego, California

Although the Barona Casino in San Diego is not the most stylish gambling house in the world, it is arguably one of the most quirky. Its main feature is the fact that it is home to the world’s only Blackjack Hall of Fame, which registers the achievements of some of the worlds’ most talented and successful players. This makes it something of a mecca to all curious and aspiring professionals, who wish to hone their craft while also getting a piece of Blackjack’s unique history. Don’t worry though; one of the rules of induction to the Hall of Fame is that anointed players refrain from gambling on the premises! Anyway, you’ll be playing the House in blackjack.