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How to Play Roulette Online

Online Roulette Guide

A Basic Introduction to the Game

how to play roulette

An online casino is one of the most popular ways of playing your favourite casino games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s hard to believe that the format has already been around for nearly 2 decades. Each year brings with it new developments to the experience- it’s rapid development and ease-of-use has meant that this game is widely popular, probably only second to online slots. With the shift from slower Internet speeds to fast broadband, and from desktop to tablet and mobile roulette, the games on offer now are a far cry from the games you could play online in 1997.

Let’s face it, in order to play online all you really need is a computer or a hand-held device and an Internet connection. We’re not going to dwell on all the basics of computer literacy here so we will at least assume you understand the very basics of using a computer, smart-phone or tablet. Therefore the first job will be to find exactly what online casino you want to sign-up to and which type of roulette software you are going to play. That’s something that we should be able to help you with here at, as we’ve made it our business to check the service of online casinos- particularly from a roulette player’s perspective.

Once that tough decision has been made, mostly thanks to the wide variety of online casinos in action these days, you’ll need to setup an account by signing up with your details and then register your preferred method payment. Once you have completed all this it’ll simply be a case of making a deposit and picking the table game you’d like to play.

Now you’re faced with the virtual betting table, wheel and computer generated dealer. Or you can opt for live roulette games, of course, where you play on a real wheel and the action is “beamed” to your device over the Internet. Another option is to play at a roulette tournament where you compete for a prize against other players on a leader board.

You’ll need to decide whether to play the download roulette games (faster, better graphics) or the no-download instant games (no software downloads needed. If you have a fast connection speed, the quality is pretty comparable these days. Read our article on How to Improve Your Odds in Roulette for some pointers on the types of games you should be looking out for.

So what’s next? Well it’s time to lay down your bet. Pick your roulette strategy, your numbers, sequence, set of numbers or colour you would like to play and lay down your chips. This is done by clicking on a selection of chips that you’ll see on your screen each showing a different betting value. Click the chip you’d like to use and then click on the corresponding bet area where you’d like to place your wager. More than one click will result in the value of chips incrementing within that selected area so be careful not to over bet. Right click to decrease the number of chips you are betting on most games.

Whether you win or lose for your next bet you will be presented with the opportunity to re-bet exactly how you placed your last wager. You may want to try your luck again or at least repeat the bet and make some adjustments. Alternatively you can simply start all over and try something new this time. Whatever you choose you will see a rebet option typically presented as a simple button on your screen. It may be tagged as REDO and can be usually be found with similar buttons labelled CLEAR, UNDO and DOUBLE which are all pretty self explanatory.

Make sure you are also thinking about your roulette bankroll management. You want to be playing with your head and not your heart in this game.

Other aspects of the online game of roulette will differ dependent on where you are playing. Many of the virtual roulette tables will also contain a history section of previous numbers spun plus a number of alternative betting setups that help automatically place your chips down relevant to the strategy selected.

Just remember though- the wheel has no memory. Read our article on the myths of roulette in which we go in to more detail on the Gambler’s Fallacy.