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How to Stay Safe and Secure Playing Online Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

safe and secure roulette

If you are playing roulette at your favourite online casino you can be enjoying yourself so much that you forget exactly where you are sometimes. You have to remember that you’re still on the web and just like many other online activities, it pays to be cautious and have your wits about you from time to time.

The first place to start is your pc, laptop or mobile device. Make sure that you have the latest operating system downloaded, and all the latest security patches are installed (we are thinking of Windows machines in particular). Avoid navigating to bad neighbourhoods on the web (we are thinking of adulat content in particular here). Make sure you are running a decent anti-virus program like Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky, Panda or Norton. Many of these companies also run anti-virus apps for smartphones and tablets (like Avast!), should you be a mobile casino player.

Of course most online casinos are secure, and are tried and tested and have hundreds of thousands of visitors to their sites every day without any problems whatsoever. They’ll have plenty of safeguards already in place to protect themselves and their paying customers from most forms of computer virus, spyware or other fraudulent methods of identity theft or fraudsters illegally obtaining your personal details.

In spite of these many measures there are still many simply ways in which you can protect yourself further when it comes to downloading and installing casino-based software, and of course using your personal details to sign-up for your accounts as well as depositing and withdrawing money to it.

First and foremost, never share your credit card information with people over the telephone. Of course, when it comes to online transactions, this isn’t really an issue as in order to process a payment those details are required by the merchant. The process these days is online- check you are on a secure connection (https://- there should be a padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser). If you are worried about downloading software on to your pc or laptop, just stick to the instant flash games that play in the browser. You may not have access to as good a range of games, but it is a safer option. We do recommend casino downloads here at, but we only recommend brands that we have tested and experienced no problems with.

To help safeguard yourself against online credit card fraud there are a few things you can keep on the lookout for before you sign up to the online casino. Firstly, make sure the site is a well-respected name such as Ladbrokes Casino or Betfair.. Perhaps you’ve seen an advert on the television, or been recommended to it by a friend. You’ll find it much safer to go with a recognisable brand as opposed to a small online outfit who no-one has heard of. The last thing you want to do is sign up to an unregulated and unsafe casino.

High quality online casino sites will operate SSL Data Encryption technology, one of the safest ways to protect online transactions. It’s a common feature of some of the world’s biggest online stores and banks and is a globally recognised practice. As we mentioned above, sites that employ this technology can be spotted by including an https:// at the beginning of their webpage as opposed to the usual http://. It will also feature a small padlock icon next to the address in the address bar.

If you use payment merchants such as Paypal or Neteller you will also be guaranteeing an extra level of security for your transaction. Paysafecard roulette friendly casinos go even further- it’s as close to playing with cash as you can get online. And these days even the big banks and credit card providers have also tightened up their own security forwarding you to their online systems for additional security codes and questions before your transaction can be fully processed. Verified by Visa is one such system that gives you an extra layer of security.

Finally, the information that the online casino receives from you should be kept confidential, so make sure that you read the sites privacy policy regarding how this data is used and stored.