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If you wanted to play online roulette previously on your laptop or PC, you have 2 options. You could either play flash roulette games in a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (you’ll need to have the latest Flash plug-in installed from Adobe). Or you can download an executable file which installs the casino software locally on your machine.

These days HTML5 games have pretty much taken over in the browser, but you might still find the odd flash game.

Try our free play roulette– we have loads of HTML5 games!

Some people just don’t like downloading software on to their machines. It’s equivalent to downloading an app on to your phone (if you are playing mobile roulette, again you can either download an app or play in a browser).

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If you are one of those people who would rather not download the software (we have checked all of the casinos featured on this site and we are comfortable that the software is safe and secure, and easy to uninstall if you want), then we’d recommend you play HTML5 roulette games like Pinball Roulette in your browser.

The 32Red Roulette section has plenty of instant games, for example.

Adobe Flash used to be called Macromedia Flash or Shockwave Flash. It is a software platform that is widely used for creating graphics, animation, and browser games. It has many possibilities to create rich graphics. It’s use has declined in recent years due to the fact that it does not work on mobiles and in particular iPhones and iPads, which favour HTML5.

This is a problem if you want to play iPhone roulette games, obviously. YouTube was the big supporter of Flash previously, but even they have gone with the flow. In 2015, YouTube switched to HTML5 for all devices- it will maintain the Flash-based video player for older web browsers.

Flash Games on Mobile Devices

Note that websites and games built with Adobe Flash will not work on most modern mobiles and tablets that are on Google Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad). More and more casinos are coming out of the blocks using HTML5 technology and responsive design.

That probably won’t bother you. All you need to know, is that you’ll need the latest browser and you’ll be able to play casino games in your browser without having to download any software.