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Online Roulette Guide

How to play roulette and keep it fun

It’s an annoying truth that indulging in roulette, the king of table games, comes without a guaranteed win- if only it all went our way, right! But fear of losing your cash doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the thrill of placing your bet and watching the pill race around the roulette wheel. There are other games like Evolution’s Monopoly Live Casino wheel that this same theory also applies to. Keep it fun!

So how can the roulette fan balance the desire to play this most elegant of table games while not splashing all your cash and losing to the house?

Since roulette’s accidental invention in France over 300 hundred years ago, people have theorised about thinking up strategies that give the player more wins than losses, but solving this age old problem may not be quite as tricky as it first sounds.

One of the easiest ways of keeping it fun, of course, is to play for fun. These days, you’ll probably need to sign up and register before you can do othis, but head to your favourite casino (you can do this on most of the Virgin roulette games for example), register and you will have access to all of the games (apart from the live variants) for free in their demo versions. Get used to the games and then you can bet for real. This way, you won’t make any silly mistakes like clicking on the wrong chip, and so on.

Depending where in the world you find yourself indulging in roulette you’ll discover that there are different versions of the game that you can play. If you play roulette in America, you’ll discover that the double zero version of the game has the odds tipped slightly in the house’s favour, whereas if you play the single zero version that uses the La Partage rule then you niftily hand that edge back to the player. Who doesn’t want to make sure that they’re playing a roulette game where they have the edge with them?

One way is obviously to reduce your risks by decreasing the size of the bets that you make to lengthen your game and increase the fun of playing. You can do this by playing a variant like 20p roulette, for example, where you can bet from a little as 20p on a single number. The maximum bet is a quid on the Inside Bets- easier to keep it fun!

Clearly if what you want is high risk, volatile game play to keep roulette fun, unless you’re extremely loaded or very lucky, then caution isn’t going to float your boat. But if you want to have fun and play more roulette then gambling less will simply mean extended play with a smaller pot to diminish- this is a strategy that can only help to make sure you can play a longer game without draining your dosh.

The way we gamble on roulette is to place inside or outside bets and the way to make money is to make risky bets that can produce bigger pay outs, but to maintain the fun and action of being part of the game- you need to also consider if you’re picking the right kind of numbers.

An inside bet is one where you bet on a single number, or a group of numbers. An outside bet is one where you might bet on high or low, red and black or even odd and even- these groups are likely to be lower risk and so you’ll be playing probably more games.

Or why not take the attitude of placing bets and place multiple single number bets which are going to give your outlay a bit of a dent but could potentially make more chances of a win being worth it.

You can also get techy with it and move away from the ever-popular Martindale system and use a low risk roulette strategy like the D ’Alembert and Oscar’s Grind. What, I hear you ask, are you talking about? Well, essentially Oscar’s Grind system means that after you’ve experienced a loss, you don’t increase your bet level- it stays the same, but if you win you increase your bet by a unit- you need to work out what your whole stake is.

The other low risk system is the D’Alembert, after the 18th century roulette theorist, who thought it up. This approach is for those who are placing outside bets. A single chip is placed on an outside bet, if you win you place another single bet but if you lose you simply increase your bet by a single chip.

There are endless ways in which you can lower your roulette risk, like removing a part of your winnings in each game and not putting them back into the table: bank your profits! You’ll still have a great time and boost the length of your game play, but the absolute fundamental best way to play roulette, that doesn’t risk you losing your shirt is to decide, before you play, how much you’re going to gamble and then stick to it- even if you’re tempted to keep playing. When you hit your profit target or your maximum loss limit, leave the table. Please. Keep it fun! And enjoy it! You can always just limit yourself to looking at a bit of roulette art and keep it at that 😉