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The Best Roulette Books

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There are plenty of books about detailing roulette strategy and system theories. Not all of them are worth the paper that they are written on, to be honest. This does not mean that there are no good roulette books, but you’ll need to put your back into digging out the useful ones that will help you develop your knowledge and enjoyment of the game.

There are also some good books out there that document some of the stuff that has happened around the tables, such as Graham Sharpe´s Gambling´s Strangest Moments which documents the record for the same roulette number landing consecutively.

Fanatical roulette players will appreciate some of the following books that offer sound advice on how to play roulette, explain some of the roulette slang you might hear around the table and run through how to employ money management techniques.

Let’s take a look at three of the best roulette books out there.

Norman Squire’s How to Win at Roulette

Norman Squire

Well, we have to admit, that we’re put off by the title, as it sounds like just another “we’ve unlocked the roulette code, blah, blah, blah” type of book. It was written in 1968, and Squire’s work has become required reading for roulette players as it was one of the first to discuss progressive betting systems and the type of strategies and roulette tips available to suit different playing philosophies.

Ground-breaking in terms of its content and coverage, it is a book that every roulette player can benefit from especially if they are interested in the mechanics of the game and its nuances.

And that title? Well, we still think it sounds dodgy, but don’t let that cloud your judgement too much.

Catalin Barboianu’s Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets

If you feel like stepping deeper into more complex treatments of the game and roulette odds in general, then head for Catalin Barboianu who outlines mathematic principles and probability and how it relates to roulette. This should help you to minimise your risk at the table and maximise your chances. It’s not quite roulette physics, but it’s pretty in depth.

Catalin Barboianu’s ‘Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets’ will blow away some roulette myths and can help you to achieve this, at is has been written from the unique perspective of a mathematician. He clearly describes how to calculate odds and the importance of numeracy skills.

And is Catalin his real name? Well, yes, actually. The name is of Romanian origin and it means “pure or chaste”, so that should give you a good feeling about the book.

John Patrick’s Money Management for Gamblers: How to Maximize your Gambling Profits

You may well have already earned some money out of roulette, and good luck to you if you have. One of the most difficult skills to master is how to manage and maintain your bankroll in roulette. You can read about some of his ideas on regressive roulette systems in our strategy section.

This explains why John Patrick’s ‘Money Management for Gamblers: How to Maximize your Gambling Profits’ is such a sought-after piece of work, as it is one of the few books on gambling that teaches players how to divide their pot, manage their finances and maintain their strategy during lean times. His main aim is to get you to maximise your profitable runs and minimise your losses. Sounds sensible to us.