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Cheapest Roulette

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Find the Cheapest Roulette in Las Vegas and online.

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el cortez casino

If you read some of the ads you see online these days, you’d think everyone who plays roulette online or in Las Vegas is a high roller. But not everyone wants to chuck $100 chips on the table. We all like a low risk flutter every now and then at a table with a reasonable minimum bet so that you can enjoy yourself without going too crazy. You can play Penny Roulette for example- not exactly a huge risk if you want to have a punt but don’t fancy risking too much capital.

The Cheapest Roulette in Vegas is Downtown

So where is the cheapest roulette in Las Vegas and online? Well, we have had a hunt around, and surprise, surprise, all the best low-limit roulette tables in Vegas are Downtown. There are a few options on the Strip, particularly if you play in the early afternoon. Pretty obvious really, the rents are high on the Strip.

Well, first things first, try and make sure you find a single zero roulette wheel (European Roulette). The odds are much better that the double zero wheels (American Roulette).

If you must head for the Strip (we told you, the roulette is way cheaper down-town), then head for the Casino Royale which sits between Harrahs and the Venetian. It’s cosy, but the minimum bet size is very reasonable and if you sign up as a member you’ll get free drinks and even some free chips. I think they only have double zero tables here though. $10 seems to be the minimum bet size on the Strip.

For the really cheap roulette, head downtown to the Stratosphere which has a single zero European Table with a $5 minimum. You should see plenty of joints with a $2 double zero tables downtown, but they will all be American Roulette tables.

The El Cortez has a $1 minimum we have heard. Also the Westin has a happy hour in the afternoon with lower limits- down to $1 minimum here.

The Cheapest Roulette Online

If you are looking for cheap roulette, you have plenty of options. Wombat Casino runs some 25p roulette tables, as do bet365 and All British Roulette. All of these casinos are on our roulette player friendly list with fair wagering terms on their bonuses.

Or play at a free-roll tournament like on some of the Unibet roulette games. is another site to check out- they run 1p tables. Yes- you read that correctly. 1 pence lo-limit roulette. You can’t get much cheaper than that.

And of course, if you want to increase your risk level if you fancy a change from cheap roulette, they all have plenty of options on that front.