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Roulette Tournaments

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What is a Roulette tournament?

You may have heard of slots tournaments (we saw one recently on the Marilyn Monroe slot machine) and blackjack tournaments, but did you know that you can also play at roulette tournaments online?

They are not as widely available as slots and blackjack tourneys, but if you can find one (the ones we see are generally promotions that are open for limited periods), they can be a fun way of playing roulette with minimal risk and with the chance of winning a prize if you can score highly on the leader board. There are often Unibet roulette tournaments going on at the weekends, for example.

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How Do You Play?

You normally play roulette against the house, of course. In a roulette tournament, you still play the house but you play alongside other players and compete to see who can build up the biggest pot at the end of the tournament period. You name goes up on a leader board, and at the end of the tournament, the house pays winners prizes to the top players on the board.

Just like slots and blackjack tournaments, there are free roll roulette tournaments which cost nothing to enter, and there are tourneys that require a buy-in- this funds the jackpot prize at the end of it.

In some cases, winners of a free-roll tourney will gain free entry into a buy-in tourney.

The tourney is open for a set period of time, and you´ll be given a balance to play with, then either a time or spin limit. Your aim is to win as many spins as you can and maximise your balance. The tournament may go through various rounds with the top placed players heading through to the next round, a bit like a tennis competition.

Make sure you sign up for the Roulette tournament in good time, to give yourself enough time to play steadily, and study the rules of the competition before you play- paying particular attention to any buy-in fee and the pay-out schedules. Some tournaments will pay a bigger amount to the overall winner only, others will spread the winnings out over more top placed players.

Pros and Cons

  • Lower Risk than standard roulette play
  • Compete against other players
  • Play for the top rpize
  • Can be a great way to practise roulette
  • They are becoming more scarce.
  • The odds of netting a decent win are lower.

How to Win a Roulette Tournament

So what´s your best strategy to win a Roulette tournament? Wee, there are 2 ways you can approach them. You can play steadily and try and grind out a decent profit, or you can go for it early on and try and bag a series of big wins on the inside of the betting table, such as on the single number bets.

Roulette Tournament Strategy

It will depend on how much time (or how many spins) you have, of course. Play more aggressively if you have a shorter amount of time in which to play. Play more methodically if you have more time and spins. Whichever tactics you use, make sure that you have a good money management system in place (or stick to a roulette strategy that works for you). You want to maximise your winning streaks and minimise your losing streaks. Knowing when to pull out and bank your profit or cut your losses is as important as continuing to bet on a winning streak. Try and get the balance right.

Keep an eye on the leader board, as this should also influence what type of roulette bets you make. If there are not many players on the board, it makes more sense to play more conservatively. If there is plenty of competition, you might need to put your foot down a bit. There are no prizes for coming last in roulette tournaments (unless you are lucky enough to be the only one playing)!

You may need to amend your strategy as you go along. If you are not getting anywhere near the leaders, you may as well go all out at the end. You´ll have nothing to lose.