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Unibet Roulette Tournament Schedule

Online Roulette Guide

7th December 2015

If you are looking for roulette tournaments this week, head over to Unibet who have tournaments kicking off on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday 11th, there´s a €3000 Lucky Spin tourney and on Saturday there´s a Live Roulette Grande tournament as well as a European Roulette tournament. You see a lot of slots tournaments and not so many roulette ones, so this is good to see. (We do feature some slots tournaments like the bet365 1 million pound slots giveaway but only the bigger ones).

How the Unibet Tournaments Work:

There are tournaments- mostly a mixture of slots and roulette with a few blackjack tourneys thrown in for good measure.

Once you have opted in, and are in the tourney, you will see a leader-board on the right hand side of the game if it is running an active tournament.

The 2 types of tournament you’ll see at Unibet are:

Biggest win over one round
Highest wins over consecutive rounds (normally twenty)

The tourneys will either be ranked according to the biggest net win, so wins minus your bets, OR
Equalised – i.e. win/stake x 100

The idea is to play against other players and win as much as you can in the tournament. Tourneys can be held either on a single game or across a selection of games.

You´ll see a trophy icon next to the game icon if it s running a competition, or head to their Casino tournaments page which is where all the news regarding tournaments sits.

How to Enter a Roulette Tournament

you do not need to pay to enter a tournament. You’ll be automatically opted in if you play any game that is running a tournament for real money. You have to be betting for real, demo games are not included of course.

About Unibet Roulette

Unibet has virtual roulette and live roulette, both of which feature in the tournaments.

There are 21 roulette variants at Unibet Casino- quite a range including some of our favouriter Microgaming variants like Premier Roulette.

They also have an exclusive game called Double Ball roulette- it´s like Multi-Wheel roulette except you have 2 balls instead of 2 wheels. The idea is the same- you bet on 2 outcomes. Quite a neat game- the second ball launches after the first one has settled in a pocket. You can bet on red, black and red/black! (one ball in each pocket). The game pays out a cool 1200:1 if both balls land in a single number and you have bet on that number.

Unibet offer a 100 pound bonus on your first deposit (100% match).