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How to Withdraw From an Online Roulette Site

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How to withdraw is probably one of the most important online roulette tips you’ll come across. If you’ve won, you need to get hold of your winnings!

Let’s assume you’ve had some fun and hopefully managed to notch up a decent line of wins on your latest session sat at your virtual online roulette table. You’ve got a few quid sitting in your casino bank account and now you are wondering how to get your hands on the money? We take a quick look at how you go about extracting your hard earned winnings from your online account.

Even if you have been playing no deposit roulette, you’ll need to first make a minimum deposit with your preferred payment method before you can withdraw any winnings- so that the casino can set up your account details.

Much like making a deposit to an online casino site making a withdrawal is simple, but it may involve you going through a few security hoops if it is the first time you have played at a particular casino. Good casinos should make it easy to get your money out (it’s one of our top criteris when reviewing a site), and they ought to pay out fast. We like our money out in at least 48 hours, preferably sooner.

Most decent online sites will allow you to make a withdrawal of your funds very quickly with little effort. If you head to the banking area of your selected roulette site you will come across a withdrawal page that will contain simple instructions on how to withdraw as much or as little as you wish from your funds.

In most cases the withdrawal can be automatically processed back to the original credit or debit card that you used when you made your deposit to the site. However, you may also have the opportunity to withdraw by using other methods such as Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard or bank transfer. If you haven’t already registered these payment types on your account then you will be expected to enter the information that is requested in order to activate an alternative payment method which may then be used to complete your withdrawal. Some casinos unfortunately won’t allow you to make a withdrawal request to a payment method which wasn’t used to deposit, and not all deposit methods can be used to withdraw. Make sure you check the casino banking section on the site before you deposit your money in the first place.

The most asked question that relates to the withdrawal process is always: “How long will it take before I receive my money”? It’s a good question and the truth is that the withdrawal period can differ from site to site. So before signing up with any online casino it is always worth taking a look at the ‘waiting period’ you may have to deal with when it comes to you getting hold of that cold hard cash of yours. As we said above, 48 hours is the average (working days that is). Good casinos will manage it within a day, although not many make that claim just to cover themselves if something outside of their control causes a delay.

Most sites should get your funds back to you within around 3-5 working days if not sooner. Any longer than this and we’d avoid the site (actually we’d probably steer clear for anything over 2 working days).

Of course, if you have just been playing on a free roulette game, you don’t need to worry about any of this (until you want to bet for real that is)

The Dreaded Reverse Withdrawal

Some casinos use this ‘waiting’ period to give you an opportunity to reverse the withdrawal and put it back in to your casino account in case you change your mind and would rather continue taking part in the roulette action. We hate this! They are just trying to tempt you back in. In our book, if you request a withdrawal, they should get on to it straight away and lock those funds down. Just watch out for this.

Some casinos will have a Reverse Withdrawal option, but will also give you the opportunity to “Manually Flush” your money. I know this sounds like you’d be flushing your money down the pan, but this is actually a good thing. You manually flush your withdrawal to lock the funds so that you can’t reverse withdraw it.

Why they don’t just do this automatically, is beyond us. Well, we know why they don’t do it automatically, but it still annoys us.