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3 Great UK Casinos to Visit

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While the fact that leading casino location Macau experienced a significant drop in turnover last year may have concerned some, it has been largely over-played in the media. The annual decline was a marginal 0.02% from 2013, which while unusual hardly sounds the death knell for the bricks and mortar casino sector. In fact, some countries continue to thrive, with the UK’s resorts recording particularly strong growth in the last eighteen months. With a number of branded chains and luxury casinos available, the UK is fast becoming a hotbed of casino activity with new casinos like Aspers in Stratford and the renovated Hippodrome Casino in London being some of the more famous examples.

If we´d have to recommend one UK online casino, we´d probably go for UK Casino Club. But what about land-based casinos? We take a look at three of the top luxury casino resorts in the UK below.

1. The Ritz Club, London

ritz casino roulette

Let’s start with the single most exclusive casino in the UK, The Ritz Club Casino. Part of the world-famous luxury hotel in London, the casino is extremely exclusive and home to some of the most extravagant high-limit roulette tables and tournaments in the whole of Europe. Membership is open to gamblers aged 18 or over, although it also carries an expansive but fully justified price of £1000. Secluded and luxurious in equal measure, the Ritz Club provides visitors with the type of experience befitting of societies’ high rollers.

2. Rendezvous, Brighton

rendezvous roulette casino

While the Ritz Club stands alone as an independent, luxury casino, the LCI brand owns an entire army of resorts populated throughout the UK. This represents the opposite end of the spectrum, as the company is owned by an international conglomerate (Caesars Entertainment who own Caesars Casino) and focuses on delivering an outstanding gameplay experience. Its best resort is arguably the popular Rendezvous casino in Brighton, which is widely frequented by holiday-makers and one of the most renowned stag night locations in the whole of the UK.

3. The Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham

grosvenor roulette

As the UK’s second city, it stands to reason that Birmingham should be home to some of the nation’s best roulette casinos. This is indeed the case, although The Grosvenor Casino is arguably the most spectacular resort of its kind in the West Midlands. Part of a nationally renowned chain that owns casinos nationwide, it does not compromise on quality and offers everything from competitive gaming to 24-hour facilities. Despite being part of a chain, it also manages to maintain a sense of identify and offers a luxurious backdrop for visitors to enjoy.