Facebook Roulette Apps

We have been taking a look at some of the Facebook roulette apps you can play on the social network-you know, the ones in the apps section (the kind of games that fill your timeline with invitations to play, when friends have tried them out. 

Generally speaking, the games feel pretty "low-fi" compared to the real money roulette we are used to playing on this site. You cannot bet for real on these games of course- you get free chips to play with, and there is no real money gambling (Facebook tread a careful line on this one as they don't want to fall foul of any regulators). If you are playing on your mobile, you are probably better off downloading a free play app on to your phone, such as an Android roulette app from Google play (assuming you have an Android phone). The quality of the graphics is better.

MundiGames Roulette- our favourite Facebook Roulette Game

Facebook Roulette App

Just like free slots games, you get free chips, and the aim is to build up your "bankroll" of Facebook casino chips up. The games are all heavily targeted towards the social aspect- so you can see other player's avatars sitting at the table, and you can even compete in virtual roulette tournaments.

Ultimately, you are not going to win any money off these games- it's a pure free play roulette scenario. The companies behind the games hope that you will purchase extra chips (which cost real money), or buy tokens to do stuff like customise your avatar and so on. % years ago, you'd have said "What? You are kidding me right? Why would you do that?". But hey, as we know, a lot of people do pay for this social aspect, and why not I guess. I's a form of entertainment, and if it floats your boat, who are we to question it?"

Here are some of the better Facebook roulette games we tested. Overall, we'd rather play the demo versions of roulette you get at online casino sites, but if you are after more of a social aspect, I guess the Facebook games deliver that. Most of the wheels are pretty basic- we did see one with a bit more on the betting table (Neighbour's bets etc), and that was Roulette from MundiGames.

Roulette (Mundi Games)
MundiGames Roulette was our favourite game that we played. The graphics are halfway decent (for a Facebook game that is, it still looks very basic compared to the online roulette we usually play). But at least this game is less busy and you have some call bets on there as well. Again, it's all about the social- there's no real money gambling involved, of course. You can play a slot side game while you wait for everyone to make their bets (a bit like online bingo this).

The only thing we didn't like was that the history comes up in the chat box for some reason. It is a European Table however, and there are lots of options like going full screen etc- it's the best designed free roulette game we saw on Facebook. Again you can buy extra chips (€99.99 buys you 7 million on this game!) Then you can buy stuff for your avatar, and purchase emoticons with your chips (??!!). It's a nice fast game- of all the Facebook roulette apps, we'd play this one.

Let's Vegas Roulette
This game is run by Userjoy Technology Co. Ttd. The full name is Let's Vegas Casino-Slot Roulette.

This Facebook casino took ages to load, and we were on a fast connection. Once you have downloaded it once, its quicker. There is a lot going on here, pop ups are everywhere, Eventually we worked out how to get out of the slots lobby and into the casino. The games are on the left hand side. Click on the roulette button.

We weren't a big fan of the Let's Vegas Roulette to be honest. It's very slow (30 seconds or something in between each spin, which doesn't sound much. but believe me- it's an age when you are on the app). The graphics look like something from 1998. Plus when everyone has loaded their ridiculous amounts of chips on to the table, you can't see the numbers on the table! Very confusing- you'd have to persist with it to get the hang of it. It took us ages to work out that we had to press the "SIT" button to actually get in to the game. When you lose, you avatar cries his eyes out.

Roulette Arena
This was one slightly better in terms of graphics quality, although it is based on an American Roulette game, not a European game- so an immediate mark down from us! There are 2 games: Atlantic City Roulette and Vegas Roulette. When you first start, yu only have access to the Atlantic City variant.

Roulette Arena is much quicker. you start off on the betting table (it takes a while to load), make your bet and then the clock starts ticking down to the spin (quite loudly! Tick Tock Tick Tock). A big roulette wheel pops up over the betting table and you wait for the result to load in. You can tip the dealer and all the other social game stuff.

This one is fine to while some time away on.

Roulette Tournaments (Dragon Viking Games)
This Facebook roulette (see it here) is all centred around fast tournament play. It will take you a while to get the hang of it- I guarantee you'll miss some games, but essentially you enter 10 game roulette tournaments and pit yourself against other players. Choose between Beginner, High Roller and Millionaire tournaments. You have around 20 seconds to place your bets". The graphics are very basic. Click on the "GET CASH" button to get more chips. It's not real cash of course. Well, you'll need to pay them real cash, but you'll just get virtual chips back 500,000 chips will set you back $99.90 (at this point we have to say "why would you do that?!")

We'd play the free roulette games on this site if we were you- the quality is so much better (but then we would say that, wouldn't we). If you are an out and out Facebook roulette fan, we'd suggest the MundiGames Roulette.