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Guetting Progression

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Use Guetting Progression at these Casinos

Here is a quick guide to the Guetting Roulette System. This is a Positive Progression System where you increase your bets after a win. It’s slightly different to other progressions, in that it has different stages or “gears” designed to help you lock in profits. Grab a pen and paper!

The Guetting Progression

This is a progression system with “gears” to boost your bets (and hopefully your wins) on a winning streak, and to minimise your losses by “braking” on a losing run.

Quick Guide to the Guetting (More Detail Below)

We recommend you play this on the even money bets (red/black, hi/lo, odd/even etc).

Most progressions like the Fibonacci and the Martingale are easy to understand, in that you go up or down the sequence depending on whether you win or lose. The Labouchere is slightly more complicated, in that in involves a bit of crossing out. The Guetting takes the complexity up a gear.

Charles Guetting was a Frenchman who invented this sequence.

The system has 4 different levels, or “gears” as follows

Level 1 = 2
Level 2 = 3 / 4/ 6
Level 3 = 8 / 12 / 16
Level 4 = 20 / 30 / 40

The idea is that you move up through the gears, or levels, as you win.
If you win twice in a row you increase your bet according to the sequence above. So in an ideal world, where you always won, you would bet as follows: 2,2,3,3,4,4,6,6,8,8,12,12,16,16,20,20,30,30,40,40.

Now, of course, you are very unlikely to string together that many wins in a row. And this is where the different levels of the Guetting Progression come into play.

Instead of dropping down the sequence one number at a time after a loss, as you would do in a simple progression, you drop down in jumps- this allows you to lock in profits after a loss more effectively.

Any time you lose on the 1st bet of a double, drop to the 1st bet in the level below where you’re betting.
Any time you lose on the 2nd bet of a double, we just step back 1 bet and replay that double.

Clear as mud? Well, this is best explained with a few examples. Run through some scenarios, and you should get the hang of it quite quickly.

Bet 2 Win
Bet 2 Win
Bet 3 Win (We went up a level)
Bet 3 Lose (We repeat the bet as it is the second bet)
Bet 3 Lose (We come down a level)
Bet 2

Starting to become clearer?

Another way of explaining this, is that you repeat your bet if you win on the first bet of a number and increase your bet if you win on the 2nd bet of the same number.
If you lose on the first position, drop a Guetting level and bet the first number on the lower level. If you lose on the second bet of a number, repeat the bet again- come back to the first bet on that number.

The best thing to do is to put into into practice and test it out. Try the free roulette games on the site, and get familiar with it.

Pros and Cons

  • Relatively low risk in that you increase your bets after a win.
  • Good for winning streaks: accelerates your profits.
  • Can be difficult to understand and get your head around. The betting system can be confusing at times.
  • This is a “Grinder” type system, where you try and grind out profits. You are unlikely to accumulate massive wins playing this.

Where to Play The Guetting

Play this on a European Roulette game like Video Roulette at Paddy Power Casino. This is (visually) one of the top games out there.