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Even Money Switcher

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A Martingale system variant on the Even Money outside bets

Best Casinos for the Even Money Switcher

Even Money Switcher

The Even Money Switcher system is a variant of the Martingale Roulette System that is played on the even money bets. You are going to be using all of the even money bets- so red/black, high/low and odd/even and you´ll be playing a negative progression (Martingale) where you flat bet after a win and double your bet after a loss. This is a pretty high table coverage system (unlike the Single Column roulette system for instance).

Many people like to pick their bets based on historical results, so for example, if 5 reds came up in a row, then they´d go against the flow and bet on black. Some people like to go with the flow (and bet red and so on).

If you have browsed around for any length of time, you have probably read something about the Gambler´s Fallacy- that belief that some roulette players have that if they see a result (say a red) repeated a number of times, then the opposite result somehow becomes more likely. In fact, each spin of the wheel is a mutually exclusive event. As long as there is no bias in the wheel, the chances of a red or black coming up are equal, no matter how many reds have landed before that spin.

So why would you even bet based on previous results? Well, we like to do this as it gives us a formula for choosing the bet and it takes any emotion out of our betting. We simply follow our plan, we stick to our budget, our profit target and our stop loss and we see how we did after a set period of time. That´s one way that systems like this can help you- they can remove the possibility of betting with your gut. The rest is in the lap of the gods, as they say.

So what is this plan exactly?

How to Play The Even Money Switcher

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This system helps us to stick to a plan. You mix up your bets to try and spread your risk over 3 types of even money bets. We play a Martingale Progression where we bet the original amount after a win, and double our bet after a loss in order to claw back any losses. Try out this system at Betfair Casino– they offer players an exclusive bonus there.

Before we start, we set our profit target and our stop loss for the session (very important). We stick to this rigidly for the session.

Then we identify an even money bet which has at least 3 results that are the same, so for example, red 16, red 21, red 1 or even, even, even or lo, lo, lo. If you cannot see the history of the wheel, or there are no such repeats then make a minimum bet (flat betting) until you can.

As soon as we identify some repeaters, we bet against the flow, so if see three reds, we bet black. We continue to bet black until we win that mini-session, or we hit our stop loss. After a win, we switch our bet to one of the other even money bets like 1 – 18 low numbers, again trying to identify repeaters, and run through the process again.

What we tend to find, is that our luck comes in and out, and we have good runs where we win consecutive bets, interspersed with bad runs which we try to navigate through with the Martingale.

All of the even money bets will run through periods where you will see long periods of repeat results. That´s just the name of the game and the way that probability works. What you are trying to do here, as you are betting against the flow, is to avoid those long runs where the same result comes in every time. By switching your bets and playing across all 3 even money bets, you are spreading your net and hoping that at least some of the even money bets aren´t suffering one of these situations.

Roulette is like all games of chance. The results are random, but if you sit down and write down all the results after 100 spins, you are very unlikely to see R,B,R,B,R,B etc. You will experience periods of low volatility when the results are R,R,R,R,R,R and periods of high volatility when the results are R,B,B,R,B,R,R for example.

You want to try and avoid the low volatility periods and play the high volatility periods. By switching between 3 different even money bets, you are hoping that at least one of the bet types is in high volatility mode.


The Even Money Switcher isn´t going to improve your odds at the table-no system can do that, but it may help you to play methodically. in fact it is one of our favourite systems to do that. Is it the best roulette strategy out there? Probably not, but it´s worth a test. Just make sure you set a profit target and a stop loss and stick to it.