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2 Up 2 Down

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2 up 2 down system

“2 Up 2 Down” is British slang for a small house with 2 floors (including the ground floor) that has 2 main rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor. But then I guess you knew that.

It is also the name of a roulette strategy. Well, it’s the name of a negative progression roulette system, to be precise.

Try the 2 Up 2 Down System at Paddy Power

Just to recap, in case you haven’t been through any of our online roulette systems before.
A negative progression system, is a sytem where you increase your bets after a loss in an attempt to claw back some or all of your losses on the next (hopefully) winning bet. Examples include the Martingale roulette system and the Fibonacci.
A positive progression is the opposite- you increase your bets after a win, in an attempt to accelerate profits during a winning streak. You play with your winnings, but you need to pull out of the progression at some point as you are not gong to win every bet.

The Two Up Two Down system sits in the former category. We’d define it as a “medium risk” strategy, in that your bets do not ramp up as fast as the Martingale. But then again, you may not claw back all of your losses if you win after a loss.

How to Play the 2 Up 2 Down.

This is a pretty simple strategy that is easy to understand, and is suitable for players with smaller budgets. It’s generally played on the even-money bets like the red black bet, or the even odd bet.
(a simple progression for small to medium bankrolls)

Start by betting 1 unit (you choose how much a unit is- could be £1 or £10 for example). Continue to bet 1 unit (flat betting) until you lose twice in a row.

Once you lose 2x in a row, bet 2 units and continue to flat bet 2 units until

1) you win 2 bets in a row. At this stage you reduce back to 1 unit.
2) you lose 2 bets in a row- at this stage you move your next bet up to 3 units.

If you continue to lose, work your way up a simple progression: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc
We’s advise you to set an upper limit to the progression before you start, so say 7. It’s just good practice to set yourself a stop loss limit and call it a day if you are not having good luck.

Similarly, set yourself a profit target for when you walk away from the table if you are getting the rub of the green.

It’s called 2 Up 2 Down, because you have to wait for 2 consecutive wins or losses before you take any action on your bet amount. This is a way of “dampening” down the Martingale, making it slightly less aggressive in it’s profile.

You can test this system out on the free games at our recommended casinos.

Also, we’d just like to also remind you that this system will not change your odds at the table! (No system can do that- the odds are a function of the physical design of the wheel and the roulette table layout, i.e. how many pockets there are, and how many numbers you are betting on).