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Even and Odd Bets

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Betting on odd and even is one of the even money bets, along with Red and Black bets and Hi-Lo bets.

It’s as well to mix it up a bit, if you are playing systems like the Martingale, the Fibonacci or even the humble Oscars Grind System. You won’t improve your odds (all the even money bets have the same house edge which is 2.6% in European Roulette and 5.2% in American Roulette). Call us superstitious if you like, but we like to chop and change a bit on the table. At the very least, it makes us feel better.

The image below shows an Odd Bet on Premium French Roulette– a Playtech variant that runs La Partage rule.

even money bets

Play the Even Bet on the Live Tables at Royal Vegas

The only way that you are going to improve your odds in roulette, is by game selection. So always play European rather than American. And where posiible, if you are partial to playing on the even money outside bets, play on a French Roulette variant that plays the Partage Rule.

La Partage

Play on a roulette wheel with La Partage, and you´ll get 50% of your wager returned if you bet on even or odd numbers and the ball stops in the zero pocket. This brings the house advantage down to 1.3% which is approoaching that of the traditional low house edge games like baccarat and blackjack. It’s worth shopping around!

Systems Using the Even/Odd Bets

Many strategies use the even money bets like even/odd including many of the negative progressions like the Martingale and the Fibonacci. Try the Even Money Switcher system which is basically the Martingale but switches between the different even money bets like odd/even.

The Best Casino and Variant to play even and odd bets in roulette?

Play on a table that offers La Partage, so head to a French variant. Try the French variant over in the Spin Palace roulette section. You’ll be betting on “Pair” and “Impair”, by the way, and not “Even” and “Odd”. That’s the French lesson over for the day!