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Bet High/Low in Roulette (Manque/Passe)

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Another of the so called “Even Money Bets” you can play in roulette, is the High, Low bet (also known as Manque/Passe). This is probably the least popular of this type of outside bets. I don’t know why, as it gives you the same odds as playing reb/black or odd/even.

Even though the odds are the same, we prefer to mix things up a bit (call us superstitious) when we are playing systems that use the even money bets (like the Labouchere, Martingale and Fibbonacci System for instance).

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In reality, you have exactly the same odds playing the high low numbers as you would do playing the colours as the roulette wheel has no memory. And numbers dropping in previously has no direct bearing on what is going to drop in moving forward.

ScreenShot Showing a Hi/Lo bet on French Premium Roulette at bet365 Casino.

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Manque and Passe

You’ll hear Manque (1- number 18) and Passe (19- number 36) if you play roulette in the French Riviera or Monaco. What does Manque and Passe mean?

Well- you know what they mean on a roulette table. Manque covers numbers 1-18, it’s an even money bet like the odd/even bet, and Passe covers the numbers from 19-36 (there are always 36 numbers on a French wheel- it’s a variant of a European Wheel.

The high/lo bet is also known as Manque/Passe, particularly on French tables of course.

Litterally, Manque means “fail”- the ball has failed to land on a number higher than half the numbers, and on the other hand, if you hit 19-36, the ball has “dépasse la moitié”, or gone over half.

La Partage Applies on A French Roulete Wheel

Now if you are playing Manque/Passe instead of Hi/Lo (or 1-18/19-36), the chance are that you are playing on a French Roulette wheel. And this is a good thing for this bet, because French tables apply the “La Partage Rules” on these bets (on all even money bets as a matter of fact). Half of your bet will be returned if you bet on Manque or Passe and the ball settles in the zero pocket. And this brings the house edge down to around 1.3%, which is not bad. Compare that to the American tables which have a double zero roulette wheel. The house edge shoots up to 5.2% on these.

The Best Casino and Variant to play High/Low bets in roulette?

Well, ideally you should play these bets on a French Roulette variant as the odds are better (as they play La Partage). Try the French Roulette over at Betfair Roulette.