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2 Column Roulette System

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2 columns roulette

The 2 Column Roulette Strategy is a Hedging strategy- you are not going to win both bets if you place them on separate columns, obviously- what you are doing is trying to cover more of the table to increase your odds of winning an individual spin.

The flip side, is that if you lose, then you will lose twice as much. In European Roulette you will be covering 64.8% of the table, and in American Roulette you will be achieving a table coverage of 63.2%. Compare that to some of the more agressive systems like the Martingale Roulette System, and even the Fibonacci.

Forex traders and fund managers often work to the same theory- by spreading bets over a larger area to reduce volatility, or to cover two angles- this is essentially what you are doing with the 2 Column System. Your overall profit potential per spin is reduced compared to a strategy like the Square Ro-let System– this is the price you pay for covering a larger area of the table.

Place your bets on 2 columns, for example the 1st and 3rd Columns. (You can also make this play on the dozens of course). On the column that you think the ball will land in bet 2 units (ie £2 or £8 or £20- you choose how many pound you want to bet for each of your units). On the column that you want to hedge, bet 1 unit (so £1, £4 or £10).

Let’s say you bet £10 a unit. If your column comes in, you will be paid £40 off a £20 bet, plus you get your original bet back. But you will lose the hedge bet. Having spent £30 on bets, you will get £60 back. You double your money.

If your hedge colum comes in, you will get £20 off a £10 bet, plus your original £10. So you break even.

If the third column comes in, you lose all your bets: £30

So your 3 outcomes are:
(1) Win £30
(2) Break Even
(3) Lose £30

(4) Win £30
(5) Lose £30.

The aim is to leave the table having experienced more outcomes like (1) and (2) than (3).

You can also play this strategy with 6 line bets or a combination of corner bets and a four line bet. Just make sure you cover the same amount of pockets as 2 dozens or columns (24) without overlapping your bets and betting on one number more than once. It does no harm to mix things up a bit.

You can further hedge your bets by laying an even money bet like red/black, or even a dozen- both of which should overlap your original bets. Bear in mind that your porfit will accelerate if the ball lands in an overlapped zone, but obviosly your losses are bigger if it lands outside. Our advice would be to keep it simple and don’t overlap too much. It’s easier to see what you are doing- if you overlap too much, it’s a bit like having 2 insurance policies when you go overseas- one you have taken out especially and one that you already have with your credit card.

Just to clarify, this system is not going to alter the roulette odds you get at the table. No system will do that.