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1326 Roulette

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Break up your Betting into smaller chunks
with the 1326 System.

Best Casinos for the 1326 System

1326 system

The 1326 system is a system that forces you to set limits on your bets and to break your session up into smaller chunks- never a bad thing when you are playing on the wheel. Just understand that it has a downside (like all roulette systems of course).

The whole aim of this system is to try and win four times in a row- this system helps you to bank profits along the way and forces you to take stock after four bets.

How You Play the 1326:

We are going to explain this in terms of one unit, so your first bet is 1.00. Now you can set your level of betting on the first round- just make sure that you multiply it through so you are betting the same relative profile (so 2,6,4,12 for example if you start with a 2.00 bet or 10, 30, 20, 60 if you start with 10.00. You get the idea).

If you win each bet, you follow the progression and invest 1 on your first round, 3 on your second round, 2 on your third round and 6 on your 4th round. Easy, right?

Well, it’s slightly more complicated. If you lose, at any stage, you need to go back to the first bet. It’s a type of Positive Progression where you increase bets after a win with a twist, in that you nudge down after a 2nd win.

Let’s say you are making even money bets on red/black for example.

  1. Bet 10.00 – if you lose at this stage, you are down 10.00. Start again. Winners progress to Bet 2.
  2. Bet 30.00 – losers are down 20.00 and start again. Winners go to Bet 3.
  3. Bet 20.00 -losers are up 20.00 overall and must start again. Winners head to Bet 4.
  4. Bet 60.00 – losers break even. Winners pocket 120.00 with an overall investment of 20.00.

Pros and Cons

  • Forces you to set limits on your betting and to take stock after 4 bets.
  • Less aggressive than other progressions like the Martingale System or even the Fibonacci, but essentially you are trying to bank profits and limit losses while hoping for a run of 4 wins. If you do manage a run of four wins you´ll make more profit on the Reverse Martingale, however. But the 1326 is less risky.
  • Like any system, the longer you play this, the more likely you are to see losing runs then winning runs. So the old adage applies- if you win big early, stop. If you carry on too long, the house edge will eat all of your money.
  • You need to understand it´s limitations. Gamblers tend to feel good playing this, because on the face of it you only need to risk 20 to win 120. But the chances are that you see alot more of the smaller losses than the big wins, and these will add up the longer you play. You can´t change the house edge with this (or any system). Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to con you.

Where to Play it

Try this on the European Roulette at Luxury Casino. There´s a £5 no deposit at this casino at the moment.