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Caro System

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OK- we include this system in our free roulette systems sections as more of a discussion point (that´s our disclaimer!)

It does illustrate how you have to be careful about what you read into things. Nothing is as it seems at first sight, in other words.

The Caro System is a roulette strategy that was developed by a guy called Mike Caro, who claims that it will reduce the house edge to literally zero. Well, that makes us suspicious staright away (cynical, aren´t we?!), but on further investigation, we found that, yes, if you take this system literally, it does reduce the house edge to zero.

Fantastic right? Well, read on- as there´s a catch (there´s always a catch!)

Here´s the Caro System Summarised

Play on an American Wheel (already we are nervous, as the house edge on American Roulette is higher than European).
Never bet simply red or black, or any other even money bet for that matter, such as odd or even.
Don’t bet on the zero or double zero.

american roulette

To reduce the house advantage, you bet on straight-up single numbers as follows:

Bet only even-red or odd-black numbers with no exceptions.
Don´t bet on the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.

So how does this system reduce the house edge to zero?

Well, many people just charge ahead and bet on the even reds and the odd blacks. This is a bet on 16 numbers which gives you 42.1% coverage of the table on an American Roulette wheel.

All well and good you might say, but we are sorry to say that you have not eliminated the house edge (which is high, by the way, as you are playing on an American table). It´s 5.2% to be precise.

If you follow this system to the letter, you then have to omit the number 30 bet, and also omit the group of numbers that starts at 11 and continues to (and includes) 14. We have included a schematic of an American Roulette Wheel on this page to help you do this.

Now do you see how the house edge is reduced to zero? If you omit all of those numbers, you won´t be betting on any numbers, and thus your house edge is zero. This is the ultimate hedging strategy (check out the 2 Columns roulette strategy if you want to actually take some risk).

Har har! Very good, My Caro!

It does, however, illustrate the point, that you need to study these systems carefully. Even better, test them on our free roulette games before you bet for real.

The Best Casino and Variant for The Caro System

You know what? You won´t be making any bets with the Caro System for the reasons we have explained above, but if you want to test out the first bit (even reds, odd blacks) then we´d recommend you do it with 1500 free bets at Platinum Play. Then you won´t be down after an hour! 😉