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Casino Aviator, Georgia

Online Roulette Guide

Put Your Aviators On!

Casino AviatorIf you’ve dreamt of playing roulette in a casino that is a perfect homage to the golden age of aviation and the heady heydays of the roaring 1920 and 1930s, then welcome to your paradise, the Casino Aviator in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi!

Found on Kostava Street, this once soviet-era publishing house is handily located at the beating heart of Georgia’s scenic capital. Casino Aviator comes with ultra hip styling that would make a fashionista blush. Good looks aside, this place comes ready to offer a good range of table games and slots over its 9,000 square feet and we can forgive it being quite so handsome as it really is rather nice to gamble in!

Despite not offering European roulette games, there are a generous 11 roulette tables which offer American roulette games which isn’t a problem for anyone – especially not the house. The gaming is all set in an immaculately manicured setting so I’d make sure that you’re looking as sharp as your surroundings.

If you fancy breaking up your roulette play there is also baccarat and sic bo up for grabs. This place has carefully considered its table game selection and there’s plenty here to keep you busy.

While you play roulette, you’ll be able to note the croupiers styled with a nod to the days of early air travel with their very smart airline style uniforms. It’s all about the details in Casino Aviator.

If you just want to have a warm up before you take to the roulette wheel, there are nearly 200 slot games to whet your electronic gaming appetite.

Casino Aviator 2Despite its old world charm, Casino Aviator is also embracing the future of gaming with a new partnership with those live game aficionados at Evolution Gaming. Roulette lovers can now play Dual Play Roulette on a proper wheel and be joined by a virtually limitless number of online players. Here virtual and real life roulette fans can play side by side while all enjoying the deluxe casino atmosphere in a uniquely different variation on roulette.

Taking a break from the gambling is easy when you have the delectable Café Stamba at hand. This is a hot ticket, proving to be popular with guests or visitors alike. There’s an a la carte menu for the dainty eaters or for those of you who like a good refuel before an evening of roulette play there’s a very tempting buffet for the hotel’s guests.

Sometimes only a high ball will do the trick and the Pink Bar offers some decadent cocktails to sooth you after some high energy gameplay and there’s some rather good people watching to be had here.

If you like to try your hand a something new there’s a dedicated poker room at Casino Aviator which hosts regular tournaments.

If you really want to embrace the pure swank of this plush new casino there’s even a glass bottomed rooftop pool to unwind in- what a stressful spot!

Casino Aviator is a very welcome addition to Georgia’s limited gambling scene and styled to die for. This casino comes with enough table games, a fresh selection of slots and Dual Play roulette which offers a wholly different way to play the king of table games. Bravo!