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Top 10 Roulette Casinos in Las Vegas

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Top 10 roulette casinos las vegasLas Vegas is a gambler’s mecca, whether you’re a roulette novice or an aficionado, this is the place where a gambler’s every whim has been anticipated. The only thing you won’t find is a floating palace like the Amelia Belle Casino – you’ll need to head to Louisiana for that.

Las Vegas provides the gambler with a whole wealth of world class casinos to choose from, so where should a roulette fan start?

In the US you need to be clear if you want to play roulette with American or European rules- there are plenty of games catering for both, but some casinos are better set-up for the fans of European rules than others (read our Top 10 Casinos in Europe article if you are really serious about sticking to European Roulette!) After all, the American version of the game has that double zero which slightly favours the odds of the house and of course there’s the “en prison” rule, that means you can up your edge on the house too!

1. The Encore has an enjoyable 8 roulette tables on offer, but these offer the double zero version of the game with a week day minimum bet of $10 to get you started.

encore casinoThere’s a higher bet on the weekend. This hotel casino is as glamorous as you’d expect from a Wynn Casino. It’s a cut above places like the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City- this is Vegas Baby! Its sister next door is larger and lacks some of the boutique feel of Encore, but make no mistake there’s opulence and style aplenty. If you want a European game expect to join the high rollers as there’s only one table playing this version.

2. The Bellagio, midway on the Vegas strip is a classic name when it comes to the best that this crazy town has to offer roulette players. Inspired by the architecture of the mega rich properties surrounding Italy’s Lake Como, its eye-catching fountains have created a landmark.

The Bellagio has plenty to offer those of you who like roulette with a tempting 11 play tables on offer with an accessible $10 minimum in the main casino. For high rollers there’s a private room with a minimum $100 bet to kick off the fun, and this is also where you’ll find the European game on offer.

3. Mirage, Las Vegas, is a name that most of us know. This mega casino is steeped in gambling history. Here the casino offers up roulette tables for those who wish to play either American or European roulette- or both! Simply collect your coloured chips which are designated by colour to a particular table, there are six on offer and literally let the good times roll!

mirage las vegas

4. The MGM Grand’s table games are popular as is this giant and emblematic casino. Here you can play both versions of roulette and there are 11 tables, with two given over to the European game. If you want to play the European version your minimum bet is higher, after all, you get the edge over the house!

5. The Aria, a cousin of the MGM Grand, is a newbie and has a not inconsiderable 150,000 square feet of gambling space at hand. Of the generous 11 tables on offer, only one hosts the single zero game and minimum bets start at $15, more than some of the competitors but nonetheless a magnificent place to spend a little time and money.

6. The Venetian, just like its sister casino in Macau, is a serious paradise for gamblers. Here the place has been modelled on Italy’s watery city Venice and there’s even a canal with real gondolas in action. The casino kicks of the roulette games with a $10 minimum in the main pit. There are both versions of the game on offer and given the advantageous elements of the European game you’d be crazy to not try these first. There is also the scope to play a higher stakes game of roulette if there’s sufficient interest. And now there’s triple zero roulette for those who like to try something totally new!

7. The eye-catching Mandalay Bay has a generous number of table games including the sometimes hard to find European game, if you’re not too distracted by the shark aquarium or the jealousy-inducing swimming pool selection, or the famed nightlife that is! There’s a $10 minimum on bets so get spinning!

8. At The Palazzo roulette just got that little bit more crazy with a triple zero roulette game on offer for those fans who want to experience something different. Imagine the extra oomph you add to the house’s ability to win. Questions are being raised about customer loyalty, given the edge that the house is taking- some roulette fans are feeling pretty cynical about this new version of the game.

9. The Golden Gate Casino has to get a mention as piece of Sin City’s history. This relatively small casino, which is better known for its nightlife, became the home to the biggest bet in Vegas when a TV show broadcast four guys making a $1 million bet!

Golden Gate CasinoCrazy reality shows aside, this downtown casino hosts a variant of roulette called Riverboat Roulette. This is basically roulette with a different playboard and novelty side bets. For those of you willing to make it downtown this nightlife heavy and small casino certainly has novelty on its side, if not panache or the grandeur of the big boy casinos on the strip.

10. The Wynn Las Vegas – well we couldn’t finish on a downtown establishment could we? The Wynn is a name that you will recognise immediately and it’s become synonymous with the highest levels of luxury and sophistication on The Strip. This is where you need to head to truly feel like a VIP- it sits right next door to the Encore. The Wynn in Macau also makes our Top 10 Casinos in Asia list by the way, so Stevie Boy is obviously doing something right!

Did we say Top 10? Well we did, but we are going to make a special mention of the Mandarin Oriental. There, we’ve done it. It’s only because we want a free room there, no luck as yet on that department.

So next time you find yourself with time to spare in the ‘City in the Desert’ then you’ll know where to set your sights for some atmospheric roulette play. Place your bets please!