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Top 10 Casinos in Europe

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Let’s say you’ve tired of globe trotting your way around places like the Rio Casino in South Africa and fancy a tour around the Old Continent where it all started for the game of roulette. Some of the oldest establishments in the world like the Casino de Spa in Belgium are here. Where would you head to?

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, is not only the actual setting for a James Bond moment, but this lavish landmark in the playground of the super-rich has a wealth of games on offer for the gambler in paradise, including French roulette and English roulette. “English Roulette” offers the player the 36 pocket version of the game with a single zero and there’s a E5 minimum for a bet, this version of the game is also available at four other Monaco casinos.

So-called French Roulette, or European roulette, sees the wheel spun before ball or pill is added to the wheel and has four croupiers! For a speedier style seek the ‘English’ version of the beloved table game. There are plenty more casinos on the French Riviera, but we have left out the smaller ones like the Casino Barrière Le Ruhl de Nice – just head for the bright lights of Monaco!

Casinò di Venezia, in Venice Italy, embodies the true class and panache of the European casino experience is the world’s oldest casino which came into existence in 1638 – now that’s what you call a long lineage!

Casino di VeneziaLocated across two venues, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi and Ca’ Noghera. Ca’ Vendramin Calergi is housed in a magnificent water-side palatial building on Venice’s famous Grand Canal while its other half, the Ca’ Noghera, is a very modern affair found handily close to Marco Polo airport. At this casino you can indulge in two varieties of the game, with tables for both French roulette and Fair Roulette, a variant where you bet against the croupier and the playboard is slightly altered. If you’re in northern Italy admiring the beauty of Venice and its surroundings then make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing Casinò di Venezia and its dual attractions.

The gloriously opulent Ritz Club Casino, in London’s Piccadilly, is a cultural landmark with its outrageous styling and atmosphere; think James Bond and a great deal of golden décor and you’re nearly there. Here roulette is very popular with a single zero game on offer to fans of the game. Here the minimum bet is only £5 with the upper limit for discussion with the management! Three of the rooms offer a total of eight play tables to soak up the heady atmosphere and play a mean game of roulette. But beware, this is a club where you need to apply to become a member- this is a high rollers paradise.

Casino Baden-Baden, in Germany, is a palace to pleasure which has understandably earned it a reputation as the world’s most beautiful casino- if you believe the claim laid at Marlene Dietrich’s feet. Located on the far reach of the world renowned Black Forest, this scenic spot has a long pedigree reaching back until 1838. This marvellous casino has much to lift the roulette fan’s soul with American and French roulette available for you pleasure. There is a single table for seated French roulette but a generous eleven tables at which to while the hours away in great surroundings for only a E2 minimum bet.

Casino Estoril in Lisbon, Portugal, is Europe’s largest casino but size isn’t everything when it comes to where the best roulette can be found. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed on location here for Bond fans who might recognise the setting. This casino is a touch of the old school with a slight air of faded glamour. The roulette tables have a E5 bet minimum so they won’t break the bank while you take in the atmosphere and scale of the place.

Casino San Remo, Italy, is a gem of a casino in the stunning seaside town of San Remo, famed for its beauty and as a holiday hit in the long Ligurian summer. Here you can indulge in a game of roulette in an art deco paradise of architecture and finery. The roulette fan can enjoy a game of French roulette and Fair or American Roulette at this casino.

Holland Casino in Amsterdam, Holland, is a modern casino with the popular vibe and plenty of roulette on offer. For a E5 fee you can enter the casino which is found very close to the city’s famous Rijksmuseum, a focal point for tourists. Spread over two floors, this place offers a floor of slot machines. The upper one is thankfully dedicate to table games. The roulette fan will be happy to hear that there are a generous 12 play tables dedicated to our game and the house plays European roulette. The staff are courteous and the casinos is smart and welcoming.

The Perla Casino & Hotel in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, is a large and popular modern casino, close to the Italian border. American roulette is played, confusingly on French tables at this casino, with an accessible E2 minimum bet and a E300 maximum limit. There is a salon privé for those players who like to play a more volatile game, you just need to kick off your game with a E10 minimum bet.

Casino Gran Madrid, offers roulette fans both electronic gaming and live table games in a spacious setting. This ultramodern casino set over four floors offers roulette fans a great spot to play in the city centre. Here too live TV roulette is broadcast for the curious amongst you.

Casino Gran Madrid

The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club, Dublin, Ireland is one of the country’s most popular casinos despite it not being the biggest of casinos, with two gaming tables on offer. Despite having only two European roulette tables, this intimate spot offers a friendly atmosphere in the Republic of Ireland’s capital city and has electronic roulette on offer too. This is a charming casino in Dublin’s beating heart.

So next time you’re heading out for some serious fun wheel-side in Europe, you’ll know where to try your luck!