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Casino Barrière.

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Casino Barrière Le Ruhl de Nice, France

Casino Nice

Casino Barrière Le Ruhl de Nice is a relatively small casino set close to Nice’s famed seaside promenade, making the very most of this city’s reputation as the capital of the French Riviera, sandwiched as it is between the Med and mountains to the north.

Understand from the outset that Casino Barrière Le Ruhl offers its visitors a classic small casino in the European model; if you want table games in the vein of Vegas this isn’t the place to go, so if you’re looking for a mega casino you should expect to look further up the coast or nearby Monaco.

Despite its modest size, the casino is built over three floors offering a respectable mixture of table games and slots, although the slots feel quite dominant. This place has a professional atmosphere and staff who are pleasant enough. That sign though! It’s more garish than the Casino Aviator in Georgia, and that’s saying something!

Evening Games

The truth is you’re not going to be dusting off your dinner jacket for a midday game of roulette as the table games largely open in the evening from 8.30 to meet demand, however if you fancy a mid-afternoon table game there is blackjack on hand- if you simply can’t wait to warm up for the evening of roulette play.

This place is more akin to the Porto Carras Grand Resort in Northern Greece. There is plenty to do in the daytime, so the punters only really drift in when the sun sets.

For roulette fans there are two tables boasting English roulette, although both are not always in play, this depends on demand too. There is also one French roulette table so you can try your luck at different variants of the game.

If you’re used to playing online games along the lines of bet365 roulette, you will probably gravitate to the electronic roulette this is also available at Casino Barrière Le Ruhl with touch screen technology and gaming stations to allow multiple players to enjoy the buzz of this style of roulette play.

Not everyone enjoys electronic roulette’s less personal style of play but there are certainly fans out there and for them this game will have you embracing the techy side of the king of table games.

There are a pretty decent 200 slot games on offer, despite some of the games being less modern, you get the impression that this place knows its crowd and there is enough on the slot front to keep newbies interested and enough classics to please those gamblers who want to find their favourite games.

While you wind down from your roulette game you can grab a drink at one of two bars and if you’ve really worked up an appetite there are two restaurants to boost your energy levels ready for your next game on the roulette wheel.

For those gamblers who have a soft spot for poker there is actually a dedicated poker room here where you can play Texas Hold’em to your heart’s content.

What is enjoyable is this is a smoke free casino which makes playing here far more pleasant for non-smokers.

By law if you’re a foreigner in France you will need to show some valid ID to enter the casino so make sure you’ve got your paper work handy or prepare to be turned away.

Casino Barrière Le Ruhl offers a rather popular cabaret which is on offer during the cooler months of the year and that is worth catching if you can take your eyes off the roulette wheel for long enough to take in the show.

Despite its size, Casino Barrière Le Ruhl has a certain charm to it, you’re not here gambling on an industrial level, you’re being part of the grand European tradition of dinner, a show and then making a “nice” little packet on whichever version of roulette suits your style.