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NagaWorld Cambodia review

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Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s bustling capital city which was in the past known as the “Pearl of Asia” and it’s here, in this historic city famed for its Khmer culture, that a must see addition to gambling has landed in the palatial form of NagaWorld- a paradise for gamblers and handily open 24 hours a day!

This place made our Top Ten Casinos in Asia list not because it’s the most amazing hotel we’ve ever seen (some of the Macau palaces we have been to steal that crown), but just because of its location in this fascinating city!

Naga World Casino

NagaWorld and the newer Naga 2 are joined by an underground shopping mall and make up an incredibly big casino and hotel operation to rival some of the big boy casinos of Macau and Vegas. It is Cambodia’s answer to the Savan Resorts complex over in Laos- both casinos are vying for Thai Baht as casinos are illegal in that country.

Now Cambodia has an ultra-luxurious casino hotel complex that can rival and beat the luxury of anything the Vegas strip could offer, it’s newest element Naga 2 is rumoured to have cost an eye-watering US$369 million! It’s not quite on the level of the Wynn Palace Macau, but then again what is?!

This vision of the future is owned by a mega Hong Kong operator Nagacorp Ltd and the big bucks behind this venture show with the kind of opulent styling and attention to detail that is hard to rival.

Mega Casino Roulette

So what can this mega casino offer a roulette lover? Well to kick off there’s that classic free beer to get you started but from then on the drinks are on you – but beyond the small stuff in Naga 2 there are 300 gaming tables to keep your interest and more slot machines than you could possibly play: 2500 is hard to even imagine. This is gambling on a mega-sized scale. Don’t forget to pack your US dollars as this is the only currency used in this casino.

There is a choice with the Garden Casino and Grand Casino- both massive with lots of scope for where to play, although there’s a lot of baccarat around to please the Asian clientele. These are casinos with a high quality look and feel and with a mostly professional staff to make sure you have a good time here.

There are two areas called Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 where you can play a speedier game of electronic roulette if that’s more up your street, but again – this isn’t for everyone.

Live Music

If you’re someone who likes the big party feel to your roulette then head to the NagaRock area, here there is the option to have a game of roulette while live music is performed – it’s all a bit Vegas but this isn’t to everyone’s taste (including mine) but it’s not continuous and there are plenty of other areas to keep you amused. And there’s other table games on offer like blackjack, baccarat and a selection of poker variants.

If you like a good view while you hit the high times on the slots then there’s the Amret Palace which is a haven for slot fans – including importantly electronic roulette if you fancy changing up your play from the gaming tables.

For those of you who like to have a more private table game and who might be regarded as a “premium customer” then NagaWorld has a suite of private rooms where you can hit the high stakes without a crowd, although I’m not a high enough roller to try this for size.

A word of warning though, the complex allows smoking in public areas and the hotel rooms which is not pleasant for non-smokers- again this isn’t an issue for everyone but a shame in such smart surroundings.

While you take a break from all that wheel spinning action you can slake your thirst and beat your hunger at a huge 14 different spots to dine and drink. And for those of you who like entertainment there’s a whole world of this going on including karaoke and a spa, so take your pick while you wind down, away from the high energy atmosphere of the roulette games.

If you’re in Phenom Penh and want to play roulette then you’ll head to NagaWorld as it’s the biggest spot to gamble with the biggest range of games that aren’t just for the high rollers. For the roulette fan you can make yourself comfortable at a wheel or get online to make your money from a terminal. It’s all on offer and if you can get past the smoky smells and the slightly mixed service then you’re in for some fun.