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MGM Grand

Online Roulette Guide

It’s called the MGM Grand for a reason. In a city that believes big is best, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino’s impressive 6 acres of real estate must make this place the top of a very big tree!

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Walk under the gigantic golden lion, the iconic MGM symbol, and enter a huge lobby which goes directly through to the casino floor- handy! This casino is right smack in the middle of the action on the Strip unlike some of the out of towners like the Red Rock Casino and the Stratosphere. You’re right in the middle of Vegas Baby!

So does the MGM Grand give lovers of the King of Table Games a top rate experience at this mega casino or has roulette been downgraded for poker and craps? This is a place you’d expect to see a bit of roulette art hanging from the walls, but what it’s like for the real table action?

The Grand’s busy casino floor makes for a great atmosphere at the ever popular roulette tables. The bustling tables are a great reminder of why land based casinos have the wow factor when it comes to delivering an upbeat and exciting buzz that is so hard to replicate online or electronically. The Grand roulette tables make you feel a little bit like you’re in a movie as long as you’re happy with a busy vibe!

European Roulette

mgm grand roulette

It’s a rare-ish sight in this town but at the MGM Grand, that lesser spotted game, the European roulette game can be located, that’s one in the eye to the house’s edge, and a very reasonable $25 will get you into the game where the edge is in your favour. Kerching! It’s easier to find on the east coast like at the Encore Boston casino for example.

Casinos are here to make money and whether you like it or not, Las Vegas is well known for its double zero roulette table games favouring the House and the MGM is no exception with 11 double roulette tables on offer. I do have to give credit to the MGM Grand though as it is one of the few casinos that does offer a European game outside of a high roller room which is often where this welcome variant of the game is found. Thank you MGM Grand!

If you like video roulette you’ll be happy to find that this variant of the game is on offer here too.

As we’ve established, the Grand is really big with 5,000 guest rooms to keep you cosy between games and as one of the Strip’s older hotel casinos I was expecting somewhere a little past its best. The good news is that all the money that’s being made here is also being reinvested in the form of a newly renovated and smart West Wing, which is a suitably smart place to stay while you gamble.

If you can tear yourself away from the roulette wheel then prepare yourself for one of the Grand’s big name shows. This is a hotel that is famed for hosting some of the biggest names in show businesses singers and entertainers, they have the world-famous ‘Cirque de Soleil’ as a permanent feature and the A list stars Cher and Ozzy Osbourne are performing here soon.

This place also takes your down time away from table games seriously it seems. If you do ever want to escape the bubble of the MGM Grand hotel casino then there is a handy monorail attached to it if you want to avoid the crowds on the Strip- have these guys thought of everything?

If you’re looking for a boutique feel to your hotel casino then look elsewhere, the MGM Grand is just what you’d expect with a name like that- big, brash and bags of fun!