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Golden Nugget

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Golden Nugget casino

When it comes to taking Vegas by storm on a trip away, you want to make sure you hit all those classic spots that make this town a haven for gamblers and fun-lovers alike. The Golden Nugget is one of those downtown establishments that has earned its reputation over years of offering its clientele the best in gaming fun. This isn’t a glitzy Strip joint like the tables frequented by the MGM Grand roulette afficionados. This is Downtown Baby!

I was curious if this iconic spot would be able to still hit the high notes or if this gambling palace was just a novelty of the past; I got myself to Vegas to find out what the fuss was all about.

So somewhere with a 70 year old vintage could be viewed as past-it, after all you want to go somewhere with a buzzy atmosphere and crowd, thankfully The Golden Nugget has managed (with the help of the fortune spent keeping this place on the map), to maintain the spirit of Vegas’ golden era with all the styling and extras that make this place appealing to newbies and old hands alike. This ain’t no luxury establishment like the Mandarin Oriental las Vegas, but then again it’s not trying to obe. This is downtown remember!

The Golden Nugget is no new kid on the block with some very respectable Hollywood credentials to its name, having earned spots on the big screen with Elvis Presley shooting ‘Viva Las Vegas’ here and the James Bond classic movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’ featuring the Golden Nugget in scenes- and that’s just a couple of its famed movie moments!

The crazy big golden nugget in the lobby gives a clue to what The Golden Nugget is all about- making a stack of cash. This 45,000-square-foot casino is big enough without losing its soul to the suits, but beware, this place of legend is pretty busy and popular which makes for a good atmosphere, but don’t expect a quiet place to play. It’s all a long way from small European joints like the Casino Barrière in Nice, France but then again, this is Vegas Baby!

If you’re a novice then there are daily lessons to get you ready to join the table games or if you’re more of a pro there are high stakes games on offer too.

Friendly Staff, Happy Punters

Golden NuggetThe table staff are friendly and professional. The Golden Nugget is a downtown favourite and as such it is a bit pricier than some other places in this part of Vegas, but it also offers some extras that the big boys on the strip would be pleased with including its swanky swimming pools and a spa.

There’s a good selection of slots here if that’s your bag, and better still The Golden Nugget hosts slot tournaments so if you like your gambling on the electronic side you’ll be in seventh heaven with a dedicated slot room which offers up high betting limits.

A long list of different poker games, baccarat, craps, double zero roulette and blackjack are all on offer for those who love a table game. There’s even a sportsbook if you want to try a flutter on live sports events with a comfortable spot to watch sports events.

For the high rollers out there, there is a room just for you, with a $50 typical stake and this is well run and on the quiet side.

For those of you who like their fun on the daring side then you’ll be keen to try out the popular shark tank waterslide- yep, you heard right. Here you can slide through a transparent tube right through the tank full of predatory sharks- and I’m not talking about the other gamblers! Thrill seekers, how do you raise the stakes on that kind of fun?

Get Down on It at Golden Diggers

If you can’t resist shaking your booty after a night on slots or gaming tables then you can have a boogie in Gold Diggers the night club.

The hotel rooms are of the roomy and clean variety- always a plus but this place was a bit smoky.

This is the best of the downtown casinos in my view- the money spent has been well invested and the wide range of different games on offer and the professional staff make for a lively and likable place to gamble in Sin City.