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Encore Casino Lounge, Las Vegas

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3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

If you’re looking to put your money on black in style then make sure that you prepare yourself for the wheel play of a lifetime at Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Casino, a new note in luxurious gambling.

The hotel where the casino is found is already top of the tree when it comes to attracting acclaim, with the high-prestigious Forbes Travel Guide awards to its very sparkly name.

Encore Las Vegas

This opulent casino comes with all the gloss and glamour that serious roulette players expect, so you can spend the night away in some of the best surroundings that Vegas has to offer. Encore Casino is a place where the formal look of the casino belies the friendly staff and informal atmosphere. And watch out for the well-known cocktails that are served up here, if you like your vodka martinis like James Bond 007, then try the shaken not stirred and enjoy wheel play with class.

Encore has been designed as a place where you can come and hang out in a top notch spot, without having to feel out of place. The wheels are not the intimidating places at Encore that they can be in some casinos, and here you can enjoy the best in professionalism from the first class facilities and equipment without having to feel like you’re out of a Hollywood movie.

Jardin EncoreThe Encore Casino is the perfect spot for taking on the evening with its 8pm to 4am hours making the perfect time to catch an early dinner in the extremely tasteful surroundings before settling into a pleasurable evening at the wheels. For the crazy night owls out there this is early enough to still catch the clubs if that’s how to like to finish your night Las Vegas style!

This is a casino that has a lot to offer beyond Roulette; with Blackjack and Craps overseen by the first class professional team of croupiers. Encore offers a very accommodating combination of a seriously smart casino with somewhere where you can also have a less traditional casino experience. You can also still enjoy some seriously good people watching and learn from the pros!

With great leisure facilities available then if you want to simply take some time out from play then Encore Casino is the perfect place. Here you can also kick back in luxury to watch the sport on a one of 23 HDTVs.

Encore Casino also offers a world of interactive tables to get involved in, or simply take time for a classy game of pool.

You can also enjoy a party atmosphere when DJs play here as part of Encore’s programme of events, but this doesn’t intrude on the gambling, with music carefully adding to the casino’s atmosphere rather than interfering with play.

The Casino is conveniently located right next to the hotel’s famous poolside night club Surrender. If you’re looking to take a break from the wheel action and find out what’s happening poolside then this is a great spot. Encore is also just a few steps away from a new Poker Room if you like to a good mix to your gambling experience.
Encore casino can be highly recommended for the roulette player, with its world class facilities and luxurious surroundings, but also with all the friendliness that you would expect from Encore. When the chips are down, you can expect a great night out here with all the trimmings.